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Tishenko officially divorced: the real reason for the separation became known

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This information was reported by «Ukraine Now», reports URA-Inform .  

People's Deputy Nikolai Tishchenko confirmed that his 7-year marriage with Alla Baranovskaya has officially come to an end. According to him, the divorce occurred due to the fact that he and 28-year-old Alla had hardly lived together for the last two years.

When asked by journalists whether they separated in order to hide their property from being declared, Tishchenko said:< /p>

«Well, you know, I have nothing to hide. I filed a declaration before the divorce. In general, I live an open life, I don’t have anything to hide at all. I have a fortune, everything is written in the declaration and I am submitting the declaration in the same way now.

To the question of how he and Alla resolved the issue regarding their common son David, Tishchenko answered :

«We decided that we would remain friends, we still lived for 10 years, this is a certain part of our life, we have a child. We will raise him together, we love him, and we will do everything to make our children happy.

We will remind you that it was previously reported what the Kamenskys’ first love looks like and what tragedy they experienced ( photo).

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