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What do cats and dogs see when they watch TV: scientists' answer

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Pet owners often notice how dogs and cats can lie down in front of the TV and watch it.

< p>This information was reported by Ukr.media, reports URA-Inform.  

However, animals perceive the world and the picture on the screen completely differently from people. In particular, it is known that they see the world around them not as colorful as people do.

For example, dogs do not perceive some colors at all. In particular, they do not know green. It is also believed that dogs have blurrier vision than humans. For them, the picture on the screen is not as bright as for a person.

As for cats, everything is simpler. Cats perceive everything in black and white, but they perfectly see everything that happens on the screen.

They cannot see a picture in the same detail and colors as people, but it still attracts their attention. Lights, sounds and rapidly changing images can arouse furry furry curiosity. Moreover, they can react to sudden movements.

It is also believed that cats perceive what is happening on the screen as reality, which can be confirmed by the behavior of animals when they see an image of their prey.

Furries often start move and try to catch mice or birds that are seen on the screen. Some cats may even attack the screen in an attempt to catch potential prey.

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