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Why Muslims don’t have dogs: what is the reason for this ban?

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For many, Islam remains a mystery, a mystery, and raises many questions due to various restrictions and rules. For example, this religion does not allow having dogs in the house, hanging their photos on the walls and saying a prayer next to the pets.

This information was reported by Ukr.media, reports URA-Inform.  

It turns out that for Muslims animals such as dogs and pigs are considered unclean. At the moment of reading the prayer, a person appears before God, who will not hear the prayer if the clothes of the person praying are soiled with saliva or the hair of a four-legged animal.

However, Islam allows dogs to be kept in the yard, where there is little chance of getting dirty. According to the doctrine, a dog can only be kept for guarding, hunting or working as a shepherd. It is prohibited to have a pet without a special reason.

It is noteworthy that the attitude towards cats is different. They can be close to the person reading the prayer, drink water from the ablution vessel, touch and lick hands.

There is a legend that the Prophet Muhammad himself kept a cat in his house. It says that while getting ready for prayer, the prophet found a sleeping pet in his robe and cut off its edge so as not to wake the animal.

Al-Bukhari’s collection of hadiths even contains a legend about a cat lady who was sent to hell after death for the fact that she did not feed the cat starved her.

A Muslim believes that his pets will be the first to meet him at the gates of heaven, so theologians urge him to take care of his four-legged animals with all diligence. Sin against an animal is the same as sin against a person. Despite the idea of ​​dogs as sloppy animals, one cannot sin against them either.

And yet you cannot hang images of any animals in the house: angels will never appear in such a home.

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