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Why they never found human remains inside the Titanic: scientists gave the answer

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This information was reported by IFLScience, reports URA-Inform.  

Scientists have given compelling reasons why the bodies of more than 1,500 people who drowned during the sinking of the Titanic were not found. The most important reason is the life jackets that were on the passengers and crew of the sinking ship.

Despite the fact that the vests did not save their owners, they kept their bodies afloat for quite a long time. The storm that began after the shipwreck quickly took the bodies from the scene of the tragedy, and ocean currents took care of taking the remains even further.

The bodies of the passengers, who sank to the bottom along with the debris, disappeared thanks to deep-sea scavengers — fish and other organisms. In this case, why were the skeletons of the shipwreck victims not found?

«The fact is that the water in the deep ocean is not sufficiently saturated with calcium carbonate, from which consists mainly of bones. The wreck of the «Titanic» are below the calcium compensation depth, therefore, as soon as the scavengers ate the flesh, the bones of the dead dissolved in the water», — said researcher Robert Ballard.

Some speculate that isolated parts of the wreck, such as the engine room, may not have been exposed to oxygen-rich water. It is important for marine scavengers, so there may be human remains in such inaccessible places. Although 111 years after the shipwreck, any human remains found will be difficult to recognize.

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