• 28/02/2024 01:23

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced an attempt to attack Crimea with an unmanned boat

Минобороны РФ заявило о попытке атаковать Крым беспилотным катером

Sea baby drone, photo from the SBU website Millitarnyj

The Russian defense department stated that on the morning of December 30, the Ukrainian Navy sent an unmanned boat to Crimea, but it was allegedly destroyed.

Source: Russian Ministry of Defense

Verbatim from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation: “On December 30, at about 10:00 Moscow time, an unmanned boat of the Ukrainian Navy was discovered in the northwestern part of the Black Sea, heading in the direction of the Crimean Peninsula. The discovered target was destroyed from the standard weapons of a patrol boat of the Black Sea Fleet.”

This was preceded by: A little earlier, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that on December 30, their air defense allegedly destroyed and intercepted 32 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles in the air over the territories of the Bryansk, Oryol, Kursk and Moscow regions of the Russian Federation.


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