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The US plans to transfer the most assistance to Ukraine until 2025, – CNN

Received US plans to transfer more military aid to Ukraine until now 2025 roku.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine as reported on CNN.

“Besides, that help is extremely necessary, many of those from whom I relied, think about those to give them more until now 2025,” the American official said in anonymity.

Noting that the funds allocated for assistance to Ukraine, which will not be spent, can be blocked by Donald Trump once elected president.

“It is important not only to see the pennies, but to direct them before the elections, the remains of the 24th financial fate, which have not yet been spent, may be blocked by Trump,” the official said.

The congressman, aware of the back and forth, said that more “hawkish” legislators, such as Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Republican Representative Michael McCaul, were in the middle of last autumn and presented to Congress a vision of sufficient funds to strengthen the Armed Forces of Ukraine before the 2024 elections.

Aid from the United States to Ukraine

A few months ago, US President Joe Biden asked Congress to see over 100 billion dollars for the national security needs. They wanted to transfer close to 60 billion dollars from these funds to finance assistance to Ukraine.

However, Congress did not support such a request from Biden. However, the republicans came out against the assistance of Ukraine, wanting the White House to introduce more harsh approaches to its proposal regarding the protection of cordons against migrants.

It’s already over a month since the republic Citizens and Democrats are anxious about negotiations to compromise the food supply of their borders.

Recently, ZMI reported that Biden was poised to enforce immigration policy, as the Republicans demanded.

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