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A Nepalese deserted from the Russian army and spoke about orders to shoot seriously wounded soldiers

Nepalese citizens paid thousands of dollars to intermediaries to get to Russia.

A Nepalese deserted from the Russian army and spoke about orders to shoot seriously wounded soldiers

Russian army to fight in Ukraine, and then deserted, spoke about the attitude of the command towards the soldiers, DW reports.

“In Russia, no one worries about the dead. The life of the wounded depends on the severity of the injury. If treatment is possible, we saved them; if the wounds were severe, then we were ordered to shoot at the seriously wounded soldiers where they lay,” said the Nepalese.

He added that he got into debt and paid almost 3 thousand euros to a Russian intermediary, who helped him desert and return to Nepal.

Relatives have not had contact with some Nepalese citizens fighting in Ukraine for several months, and the families of the victims are trying to get their bodies. In addition, they are forced to pay debts to the intermediaries who sent the Nepalese to fight for Russia. The family of one of the victims owes, for example, six thousand dollars.

Former Nepalese Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash Saud said he tried to convince Russian officials not to recruit his fellow citizens for the war, but to no avail. Saud added that the recruitment of foreigners occurs with the knowledge of the Russian authorities.

  • CNN previously reported that about 15,000 Nepalese citizens are fighting in Ukraine on the side of the Russian army, but the official figures are several times lower – the Nepalese government claims that only 200 people left to fight against Ukraine.
  • Russia also recruits men from India and Nepal, where the economic situation is difficult, unemployment, to the war under the pretext of job offers in the Russian Federation, Germany or Dubai.
  • The aggressor country as a whole has increased the involvement of citizens from southern countries with a poor economic situation in the occupation forces. These are African countries, Cuba, Serbia and other Balkan states.


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