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How to check the availability of services from a medical provider: recommendations of the Ministry of Health

A skin patient has the right to adequate medical care. If you have spent up to the medical deposit first, check that you have a license for medical practice, in particular, for the specialty for which you will receive help.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from communications to the press service of the Ministry Health care 'I.

The Ministry of Health declares that all employees in the health care sector are licensed to carry out government activities from medical practice and to provide the opportunity for licensed minds to carry out such activities.

Why do you deserve respect from the first person:

What is the medical mortgage?

A medical mortgage or a physical person who has been granted a license to practice medicine, requests:

  • place a sign or information at the entrance to the medical mortgage (or your child) I need a sign For the purpose of hiring a pledge for the protection of health and legal entity,
  • a physical person – a sign or an information plate with the designated nickname, name, according to the father's licensee and the range of medical specialties for which medical practice is carried out;
  • to ensure that people with disabilities have free access.

What is the right to treat a medical mortgage?

A copy can be placed in a place accessible to residents. withdrawn license and/or registration from the License Register of the Ministry of Health from medical practice from the designated transfer of specialties for which medical practice and delivery addresses are carried out.

Also, the work mode, information about medical workers from the assigned nickname, name, father’s name, plant, as well as a document that confirms the qualification of the category, may also be clearly indicated. The range of medical services from their designations is consistent with the stated specialties and types of medical assistance. In addition, copies of accreditation certificates may apparently be posted.

How can an “adult” doctor treat children?

It is important that specialized medical care for children is provided by pediatric doctors (for example, a pediatric surgeon, a pediatric dentist, a pediatric anesthesiologist, etc.). The level of qualification of doctors is confirmed by a diploma, certificate of a specialist doctor and/or certificate of qualification category.

What does the licensee guarantee?

The health insurance policy, which, having revoked the license to practice medicine, declares its compliance with the requirements established by law, unless it is obvious:

    < li>doctors and nurses with general qualifications;
  • standards or clinical protocols;
  • safe minds for the transition of patients (availability before the day, equipped rooms, wards, etc.);
  • well-equipped offices, complete with timesheets for all necessary medical equipment;
  • medicinal purposes and medical diseases, etc.

What kind of goiter is a medical concern?

The goiter licensee will provide clear and timely medical assistance and medical care services to patients.

Also, the medical report can provide the patient (legal representative) in an accessible form with information about his state of health, the status of ongoing investigations and medical visits, a prognosis of the possible development of illness, including the presence benefits for life and health.

< p>What is important is the guarantee of saving the medicinal prison. In addition, remember that a medical bond can be enforced in medical proceedings after the removal of the patient from his legal representative in the medical proceedings. Zgoda is not the same for the deprivation of the bias of the naico, the gut of the life of Patziynta for the imperishable detachment of the zgodi on the Take of Truchannya. From now on, contacts can be sent by phone and sent by mail. For now, this service is available in the Donetsk region and in several border areas of the Sumy region. This year we will expand to other regions.

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