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Pensioners are asked for identification data. PFU ahead of the new shakhraystvo in Ukraine

Unknown individuals who pose as PFU doctors ask pensioners who may pass the physical identification, details of bank cards.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine with messages to the Pension Fund.

According to the Pension Fund, criminals pretend to be spies of the Pension Fund. They are asked to provide them with bank card details, as this is absolutely necessary for successful identification and submission of an application for the procedure.

The department has written: PFU does not need to be known to such a person Information from pensioners to verify the person.

“We officially declare that neither for submitting an application for physical identification for additional video conferencing, nor for continuing and renewing payments, the Fund will not be subject to vicarious information. “I’m talking about bank card details,” it said at the informant.

Please note that pensioners can be identified in three ways:

Salaries in Ukraine

Recently, the Pension Fund of Ukraine has confirmed the average salary for 2023, which is used for pension expansion. The average salary increased by 7.0% (by 932.25 hryvnia) to 14,308.46 hryvnia.

However, the average inflation rate in Ukraine in 2023 was 12.9%. Therefore, the real wages of Ukrainians of the past have fallen again – by about 5%.

In 2024, wages will become 21,809 hryvnias, and are adjusted to inflation by 8.5%.

In addition , the department understands that the salary becomes 25,732 hryvnia for the 2025th year and 30,260 hryvnia for the 2026th year.

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