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The crash of IL-76 near the Belgorod region. What do you know about this?

In the Belgorod region today, 24 days ago, the military transport flight began IL-76. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation stated that on board there were “military policing of ZSU”, while the Ukrainian side stated that it was verifying the information and urged not to spread the fakes of the Russians.

RBC-Ukraine in the material I collected everything that is known about the fall of Il -76 per qiu mite.

During the preparation of the material, data from the Coordination Headquarters for military nutrition, Ombudsman Dmitry Lubints, RosZMI, Vlasna Dzherel, Interfax-Ukraine, as well as comments from the Ministry of Defense to Suspilny, a representative of the State Duma, were consulted. UR MO Andriy Yusov “Radio Liberty”, head of the OP Mikhail Podolyak for Reuters.

The crash of the Il-76

Russian Telegram channels were the first to report the crash of the Russian military transport aircraft Il-76 near the Korochansky district of the Belgorod region. It appears that the incident occurred around 11:00 am. The Russian side also confirms that all the people on board died.

Also, the frames of the fallen flyer expanded in the margin. In the video, it’s almost as if after the fall the moon burst out, and then a great half of pain subsided. The military-political expert of the “Information Against” group, Oleksandr Kovalenko, paid attention to this detail. In my opinion, this can be confirmed by flying the missiles themselves to the S-300.

“This version is confirmed by the fact that after the flight, after the fall, nothing was lost, and parts of the fuselage were scattered across the field, so that after the fall and impact with the ground there was an even stronger detonation of the ammunition,” he wrote. at Telegram channel.

Photo: footage from the scene of the crash of Il-76 (RosZMI) Version of Russia

The official version of what caused the crash of Il-76 is silent. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation confirms that on board the ship “there were 65 full military servicemen of the ZSU”, who were transported to the Bilgorod region for exchange. In addition, there were 6 crew members and 3 escorts.

The head of the defense committee, Andriy Kartapolov, made a cynical statement that Ukraine had “desperately shot down the Il-76 in order to stop the exchange.” So now, in his words, “about an exchange, perhaps, and we can’t go on.”

The speaker of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, called for “preparing an outrage before the US Congress and the Bundestag,” obviously, to get involved to deliver PPO missiles to Ukraine.

Where are you flying?

The local Telegram channel “Bletgorod” published a video, eyewitnesses recognized the fall, and began to analyze it en masse. Russian propaganda confirms that “having fallen into a fit of anger after the anger at the Belgorod airfield.”

Having identified its media resource “Important Stories”, the video was filmed by the stars. The case is in the center of the village of Yabloneve, directly on the street. This was confirmed by Mediazona.

Pro-Kremlin media are publishing a version that there will probably be an exchange of military troops at the border of the Belgorod region. However, one of the Ukrainian OSINT analysts has great respect for the fact that the IL-76 flew straight ahead. According to this data, the board, which entered under the number RA-78830, flew through Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Red Sea and Iran, was visible from Syria from radars, and then appeared over Bilgorod. Also, according to the analyst, “everything points to the fact that the Il-76 was taken from Skhod and there are still no signs that there could be overruns there.”

What about Ukraine

For information, RBC-Ukraine reported in the Ukrainian Defense Forces, whose military-transport flight of Russians transported missiles to the S-300 air defense system. And, apparently, because of these complexes, Russians often wander around the Kharkov and region. The spy agency did not provide any other details.

At this time, the anonymous spiv watcher, seen by Interfax-Ukraine, reported that there were no such people killed in gold.

At the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine , as you write ” Suspilne”, they cannot yet confirm that the Ukrainian Defense Forces were attacked in this way, so they “have yet to provide information.”

With their words, the Coordination Headquarters for the supply of military personnel commented on the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense that the plane had fallen and called on them to refrain from increasing the amount of unverified information until the official announcement statement.

“The coordination headquarters and other specialized structures collect and analyze all necessary information. Until the release of official statements or comments by authorized persons or bodies, we urge PMI and the public to avoid the proliferation of unverified information,” says the informant.

Ukrainian Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets also provided clear details and analyzed information about the fall Russian aircraft Il-76.

“I appeal to the representatives of the ZMI and the citizens of Ukraine not to disobey the official regulations and to trust only the official authorities,” he added.

Natomist representative of the Main Directorate of Investigation of the Moscow Region Andriy Yusov, in a commentary to Radio Liberty, confirmed that on year-round preparations for the exchange of military personnel between RF and Ukraine.

“Also, I can state that there are no plans for today’s exchange,” said Vin.

Having added, the information about those who were in the army may have been in possession of the Il-76 aircraft, which landed near the Belgorod region, was announced by the Russian side, and is currently being verified.

Administrator of the Office of the President Mikhailo Pod Olya reacted to the news about the fall of the flyer Il -76 in the Belgorod region, behind which the comments from the authorities will be a little later.

“Comments will be a little later. It will take an hour to clarify all the data,” Podolyak told Reuters.

Briefly about Il-76

Il-76 is a Russian and Russian important military transport aircraft. These aircraft began to operate in 1975. Il-76 was the first military transport aircraft with a turbojet engine in the history of the USSR. These damaged vessels are shipped to Russia for the transfer of both special warehouse and important equipment.

Originally from liquid vessels, they are able to deliver cargo with a maximum weight of 28-60 tons to a capacity of up to 4.2 thousand how many kilometers from cruising speed 770-800 km/year. The crew will become 6-7 osib.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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