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The European Commission is ready to agree to the actions of the Ugrian region for the sake of helping Ukraine in the amount of 50 billion euros, – FT

The European Commission is ready to sacrifice all the benefits of the Ugor region in order to achieve a vision for Ukraine 50 billion euros.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in a post to The Financial Times.

The post on Dzherel informs that Brussels is trying to find a solution to the problem of the Ugric blockade, as Prime Minister Viktor O ban vetoing the EU package of approaches from the chest. The problem becomes even more urgent when we realize that the hopeless situation in the US Congress means that Kiev will not support Washington at a time when Russia is intensifying airstrikes on Ukrainian places.

Three officials identified in this report said that as a way to override Orban's veto, the European Commission is ready to give the Ukrainian prime minister the opportunity to launch an operation with funding for 2025. middle way.

It’s good with a potential action , The EU should include a review of the four-part package to support the oncoming fate, if we evaluate whether Ukraine will require money and whether it will be able to withdraw assistance from the EU. Give Orbán the opportunity to veto this extension.

The European Commission is also ready to conduct a thorough audit of assistance and amend the clause on “emergency galvanization”, so that any country can bring serious concerns about payments to Ukraine to the negotiations of the EU leaders themselves. However, this will not give the Ugrian region the additional possibility of a veto on funding.

Suggesting that there will be enough for Orban to be satisfied with his veto, a high-ranking Ugric official said: “It is still unclear, but , most likely, so “.

Position to Orban

Prime Minister of Ugorsk region Viktor Orban is encouraged to provide Ukraine with military assistance after the beginning of a large-scale invasion by Russia. It also continues its partnership with Moscow, unimpressed by its aggression.

The Ugorshchina has repeatedly argued for the power of a veto when the European Union considered that it would interfere with assistance to Ukraine.

Z Okrema, Orban recently blocked the initiative , which transfers 50 billion euros to Ukraine.

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