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The head of the Norwegian army called support for Ukraine his main priority

The Commander-in-Chief of the Norwegian Armed Forces, Eirik Christophersen, stated that support for Ukraine They are the main priority in this region .

RBC-Ukraine reports this on Breaking Defense.

He clarified that without additional help from the region, Ukraine will stumble into a bad situation.

“I told you in the past: I don’t want a short-term military solution in Ukraine,” he said.

At which the military official added that the countries of Zakhod did not invest enough in helping Ukraine, and they need Or be more encouraging Protective forces of Ukraine. Christoffersen also clarified that Norway could give Ukraine support in the field of anti-aircraft defense, since it is directly contagious.

He added that by contrasting the successes of the Ukrainian military in the minds of the shortage of food, but also signifying the development of the middle Russian army.

Ukraine is looking for additional assistance from the United States

In the near future, the United States will be able to praise the bill on assistance to Ukraine, although it could not be completed last fall.

The Pentagon has already confirmed that it has been received i The United States of America, after praising Congress, will be able to transfer a new package of military aid to Ukraine within a few days.

And Reuters wrote that the United States is preparing a large package of military aid to Ukraine worth 1 billion dollars.

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