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Umerov: Russia sacrifices an average of 400 soldiers in exchange for a square kilometer of land

Starting from the previous Ramstein, the occupiers have lost 54 thousand people.

Umerov: Russia sacrifices an average of 400 soldiers in exchange for a square kilometer of land

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Um.

Russia sacrifices on average 400 of its soldiers in exchange for one square kilometer of land.

Defense Minister Rustem Umerov announced this at the opening of the meeting of the Contact Group on the Defense of Ukraine.

According to him, after the last meeting of the Contact Group on Defense of Ukraine in November 2023, Ukraine was subjected to several massive rocket attacks.

“In just two months, the terrorist regime fired more than 600 rockets and more than 1,000 suicide bombers into Ukrainian cities. Russia sent thousands of soldiers to their death… Since our last meeting, Russia has lost more than 54 thousand soldiers. unlimited mobilization resource” , – said the head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Umerov noted that the enemy used six times more artillery shells than Ukrainian forces. But, despite its resources and advantage in weapons production, the Russian Federation is no closer to its strategic goals.

“The entire Russian military machine is working at full strength to attack small Ukrainian villages. At the same time, even with a six-fold artillery superiority, the enemy was unable to achieve at least any significant result. Imagine how the situation would change in battlefield, if the proportions were 1 to 1,” said the Ukrainian minister.

Umerov emphasized that in such conditions, “your constant support and an increase in military assistance packages is extremely important for Ukraine.”

< p>The minister added that after the November Ramstein, Russia tried new tactics. “The enemy tried to find weak points in our air defense system. The number of missiles launched at Ukraine has almost doubled,” Umerov said.

  • On January 23, the online meeting of the 18th meeting of the defense contact group started Ukraine in the “Ramstein” format.


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