• 16/04/2024 03:59

US Treasury: the new sanctions list has more than 500 positions

New restrictions on Russian companies and individuals will become known on Friday.

US Department of the Treasury: there are more than 500 positions in the new sanctions list

illustrative photo In the new sanctions list, which is due to be published on Friday, contain more than 500 companies and individuals associated with Russian aggression against Ukraine, the official’s words are reported by Reuters.

First of all, the sanctions will be aimed at the Russian military-industrial complex, but will not be limited to this. The United States also wants to punish companies in other countries that provide Russian production with the opportunity to obtain goods and components prohibited for them. “The goal is to prevent them from producing weapons,” Adeem said.

Sanctions will also apply to those involved in the death Alexei Navalny.

  • The UK has already announced a new package of restrictions against Russia.
  • The EU has imposed sanctions against the North Korean Defense Minister for supplying weapons to the Russian Federation.
  • The European Union also plans to punish those involved in the abduction of Ukrainian children.


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