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Losses in tanks in the Russian Federation and Ukraine in the battles for Avdiivka: military analysts named the ratio

ByJohn Newman

Feb 11, 2024

At this stage of the battle for Avdiivka, the situation is complicated by the fact that the occupiers ignore losses in “manpower” and have already penetrated into the suburban areas of this settlement, gradually bringing up armored vehicles, which, according to experts, There shouldn't be much of Putin's army left in this direction.

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Losses in tanks of the Russian Federation and Ukraine in the battles for Avdiivka: military analysts named the ratio

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About the fact that in attempts to take control of several square kilometers of virtually destroyed and depopulated Avdeevka, Moscow lost almost an entire mechanized division of tanks – more than 200 units, and these figures account for 10 percent of this type of armored vehicles now abandoned in a battle against the defenders of Ukraine, writes NBN, citing analytical material from Forbes.

In accordance with information from military analysts who studied open sources, on the eve of the collapse of the USSR, the 10,000th motorized rifle division documented 220 tanks, that is, from the fall of last year to February of this year, during the offensive on Avdiivka, The 2nd and 41st combined arms armies of the invaders lost 214 tanks, a divisional reserve (the bulk of them were T-72s and T-80s, including several T-90s), while the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the city and in its vicinity suffered losses of 18 tanks.

Thus, based on the above, we can conclude that the loss ratio is 12 to 1, which can hardly be justified by deployment alone The Ukrainian Armed Forces do not have enough tanks in Avdiivka – in fact, Ukrainian units deployed a lot of armored vehicles, not excluding some of the best German Leopard-2A6, but Putin’s troops “did not pay attention” to minefields, as well as artillery strikes, drones and missiles.

We previously wrote about the fact that Barabash reported the number of civilians who could not be evacuated from Avdeevka on February 8.


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