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The Kremlin will “purge” unwanted propagandists: Z-bloggers are threatened for publishing about Ukrainian Armed Forces’ strikes on the occupiers

Russian propagandist Sergei Kolyasnikov complained that Z-bloggers began to receive threats after publishing information about the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ strikes on the invaders’ training grounds. The Kremlin wants to shut the mouth of all pseudo-journalists whose messages differ from those of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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Telegram channel “Caution, News” quotes Kolyasnikov, who said that unknown people began to systematically intimidate Z -bloggers who publish materials inconvenient for the Russian Defense Ministry about the “second army of the world” are informed by NBN.

According to the propagandist, pseudo-journalists are written in private messages and threatened with criminal cases to discredit the Russian army for publications, information in which differs from the one presented by the defense department of the aggressor country.

Z-blogger believes that “someone at the top” has a desire to turn pro-Russian Telegram channels into a “late Soviet newspaper.” Kolyasnikov believes that in such a scenario, the reality of the situation at the front in Ukraine will hit the “inflated patriotic expectations” of Russians very painfully.

The other day, the Internet reported the suicide of the occupier and propagandist “Murza”. The invader published information about the losses of Putin’s army in Avdeevka, after which they began to oppress him.

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