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Yevlash told how Ukraine will use faulty F-16 fighters

ByJohn Newman

Apr 30, 2024

Speaker of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Ilya Yevlash said that faulty F-16 fighters would be useful to Ukraine. The major explained how these aircraft, which the allies could transfer, would be used.

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Evlash told how Ukraine will use faulty F-16 fighters

Photo – army.mil

On the air of the TV channel “Direct”, a representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine answered the question whether it is true that the Western allies can provide Kyiv with faulty F-16 fighters, NBN reports.

According to the major, even if the partners, among other things, transfer faulty American combat aircraft to Ukraine, they are extremely necessary for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This aircraft will become a “donor” for the repair of other fighters, which is normal practice in other countries.

Evlash explained that if one of the components in a combat aircraft does not work, the necessary part can be taken from the faulty ones. -16. In addition, any fighters that have lost their combat capability can be used to repair other targets determined by the command.

Earlier, the Air Force speaker spoke about how Ukraine will protect Western aviation at its airfields.


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