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Scandalous Oleg Sobchuk from Sky showed his 20-year-old copy daughter

The leader of the Sky group Oleg Sobchuk amazed fans with a rare photo with his 20-year-old daughter, who looks like him like two peas in a pod. The artist does not often share personal moments of his life, but this time he decided to please his fans, writes WomanEL.

In the photo that appeared on social networks, Oleg Sobchuk and his daughter Tatyana pose together against the backdrop of the metro, obviously border. The relatives smiled at the camera and showed off their happy time together. The artist does not hide his pride, signing the photo briefly and tenderly, and also adding many heart-shaped emoticons.

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My dear daughter,

noted celebrity.

Oleg Sobchuk surprised fans with a rare photo. Source:

Network reaction:

Oleg Sobchuk’s subscribers are surprised by this discovery and express their admiration in the comments under the photo. Many noticed that Tatyana really looks like her talented father.

This emotional moment became a reminder that behind every successful artist is his family, always the greatest support and inspiration. Let us note that recently a real scandal broke out in the information space. Oleg Sobchuk's ex-wife accused him of being an abuser and mocking her.

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