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TOP 10 professions where Ukrainians earn more than 70 thousand UAH

In the modern world, where competition in the labor market is becoming increasingly intense, salary remains one of the important factors determining the attractiveness of a particular profession. Not all professions create equal opportunities for high incomes. There are categories of workers who receive significantly more through their own specialization and skill requirements, writes WomanEL.

Salaries of more than 70 thousand hryvnia in Ukraine are received by IT specialists and military personnel. According to the publication of a large personnel portal, the highest salaries are provided to those who have programming skills.

The list of the highest paid vacancies in Ukraine includes:

  • C++ programmer – 110,000 UAH ,
  • Golang programmer – 92,500 UAH,
  • Net programmer – 85,000 UAH,
  • ATGM operator – 85,000 UAH,
  • Tank driver – 75,000 UAH,
  • Reconnaissance officer – 71,000 UAH,
  • Flame thrower – 70,100 UAH,
  • Anti-aircraft gunner – 70,100 UAH,
  • Stormtrooper – 70,100 UAH,
  • Grenade launcher – 70,000 UAH.

The most profitable professions in Ukraine have been revealed. Who gets paid above average? Source: Ukrinform

It is predicted that in 2024 the average salary is expected to increase in Ukraine. According to the state budget, the average salary should be 21,800 hryvnia. Currently it is 19 thousand hryvnia, but the increase in wages does not compensate for inflation. In dollar terms, wages have not yet reached pre-war levels.

The highest average salary in Ukraine is observed in the following sectors of the economy:

  • Information and telecommunication technologies – 36,544 UAH;< /li>
  • Financial and insurance activities – 32,944 UAH;
  • Aviation transport – 28,177 UAH;
  • Professional, scientific and technical activities – 21,862 UAH;
  • Public administration and defense, compulsory social insurance – 20,506 UAH.

Thus, the labor market in Ukraine continues to demonstrate high demand for IT specialists and military personnel, which provides them with high earnings compared to other sectors of the economy.

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