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Who is Sergei Pritula by nationality: what we didn’t know about the 42-year-old comedian

Sergei Prytula is one of the most discussed media figures in Ukraine. Someone has been following the work of the 42-year-old comedian since the days of the sketch show “Faina Ukraine”. Others discovered the public figure already during the war, thanks to his active volunteer movement. Although he never hid where he came from, many fans still do not know where he was born and who Sergei Pritula is by nationality.

ContentWhere was Sergei Pritula bornWho is Sergei Pritula by nationalitySergei Pritula: interesting facts from the biography

WomanEL will share with you facts from his biography that will help you get to know the founder of the Sergei Pritula Charitable Foundation better.

Where was Sergei Pritula born

The future comedian was born in the Ternopil region of Ukraine in the city of Zbarazh in 1981. Not everyone knows about this outback, but in fact this city is considered unique due to the huge number of historical attractions. It is located only 17 km from Ternopil.

As The person writes, not only his parents, but also his grandmother played a big role in raising the boy. She lived in the neighboring village of Vishnevets, where Sergei liked to come to visit with his parents.

After graduating from school, Sergei entered the Ternopil Academy of National Economy (now it is the Western Ukrainian National University). Although he dreamed of moving to the capital, his mother talked him out of it, as reported by Hochu. Be that as it may, it was during his student years in Ternopil that he seriously took up creativity and discovered his humorous talent. And life in Kyiv and the conquest of the capital were just around the corner.

Who is Sergey Pritula by nationality

Parents of Sergei Pritula: Dmitry Grigorievich and Valentina Vasilievna, Source: facebook.com/serhiyprytula + facebook.com/Valentina Pritula

Sergei Prytula bears the proud title of Ukrainian, because his parents are Ukrainians by nationality. The charity worker's mother's name is Valentina Vasilievna. She worked as a teacher of physics, English and mathematics in the Cherkasy region, deputy director of the Zbarazh Agro-Industrial Equipment enterprise, as well as a leading economist at the Zbarazh Regional Avtodor branch, notes The page.

The Ukrainian TV presenter does not often share details of his personal life, but in 2017 he wrote a candid post on Facebook in memory of his father. Dmitry Grigorievich Pritula, according to him, for the last third of his life he worked as the head of the Zbarazh district highway. The father was strict, but at the same time loving. He did not buy Sergei and his older brother Vasily cars and apartments, but their parents gave them a good education and upbringing. Let us remind you that Pritula’s father passed away in 2005 (he had spinal sarcoma).

Sergey Pritula: interesting facts from his biography

  • Sergei was never afraid of difficult work. At one time he worked as both a loader and a painter. And during his stay in the UK (2000-2001), he tried out such professions as waiter, builder, assistant cook.
  • Sergei does not like the word showman in relation to himself because of its vagueness.
  • In 2006-2009, he was a resident of Comedy Club UA.
  • Helps the Ukrainian army from the very beginning of hostilities in Donbass (since 2014). Every week, the presenter in the lobby of the New Channel collected things to help the ATO participants.
  • In 2020, he ran for mayor of Kyiv.
  • He has the Order of Merit, 2nd degree (2022) and the Order “ For merit” ІІІ degree (2019).
  • Is an ambassador of the National Football Team of Ukraine.
  • Hobby – airsoft. But because of the war, he stopped doing it.
  • He is married to a native of Donetsk, Ekaterina Sopelnik. The couple has two daughters. In addition, Sergei has a son, Dmitry (from his first marriage).

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