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Obama's ACA didn't fix this:
The U.S. wastes $1.8 Trillion per year on health care spending compared to the average of 2017 per capita costs of comparable yet profit-controlled advanced countries. Let's end price gouging and adopt profit-control practices too. To the point, 2017 US out-of-control per capita health care spending was $5322 more per person than in France, the highest rated system based on patient outcomes.
Coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak, from the science of testing, treatment, and developing a vaccine to the impacts of quarantines and social distancing.
The New Yorker is making its news coverage and analysis of the coronavirus outbreak available for free to all readers. Read our stories here.
Staff writers & More | The New Yorker | beginning 20.03.14...
Find all of Foreign Policy‘s coronavirus coverage here.
Millions of Americans are about to lose their health insurance in a pandemic [Like the rest of the civilized world, we need Bernie's Single-payer...]
Americans are about to learn something horrifying: how irrational it is for health insurance to be linked to your employment status
Wendell Potter | The Guardian | 20.03.27
The virus is throwing familiar inequalities into sharp relief – and may force us to confront some new ones, too
Gaby Hinsliff | The Guardian | 20.03.27
A bubble has finally been burst – but will we now attend to the other threats facing humanity?
George Monbiot | The Guardian | 20.03.27
Scientists find bug that feasts on toxic plastic [Great! But we should only manufacture and use plant-based plastics that are naturally compostable.]
Bacterium is able to break down polyurethane, which is widely used but rarely recycled
Damian Carrington Environment editor | The Guardian | 20.03.27
The economy v our lives? It's a false choice – and a deeply stupid one [Don't let our most ignorant leaders kill millions!]
Calls to reopen America have disturbing intellectual roots. And the millions of deaths that could ensue would fuel a depression beyond our imagination
Siva Vaidhyanathan | The Guardian | 20.03.26
Offshore windfarms and onshore projects in US and China fuel one of strongest years on record
Jillian Ambrose | The Guardian | 20.03.26
Oil price may fall to $10 a barrel as world runs out of storage space [World environment improves as fossil fuel has become unwanted and unburned. All the middle-east's wars for wealth have been stupid.]
Facilities thought to be 75% full with Saudi Arabia due to ramp up output as demand falters amid coronavirus shutdowns
Jillian Ambrose | The Guardian | 20.03.26
UN urges G20 to adopt ‘wartime plan’; Prince Charles tests positive for coronavirus; Senate and White House reach stimulus deal
Alexandra Topping (now); Damien Gayle and Helen Sullivan (earlier) | The Guardian | 20.03.25
Andrew Cuomo said hospitals are unequipped for deluge and called on Trump for federal help
Alexandra Villarreal in New York | The Guardian | 20.03.25
He fears the public health measures that have shut down large swaths of the economy could cause their own health catastrophe, as lost jobs lead to poverty and hopelessness.
JOE MOZINGOSTAFF WRITER | Los Angeles Times | 20.03.23
Coronavirus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution [Might there even be a net-decrease in deaths?]
‘Largest scale experiment ever’ shows what is possible as satellite images reveal marked fall in global nitrogen dioxide levels
Jonathan Watts and Niko Kommenda | The Guardian | 20.03.23
If one of the most powerful tech companies can’t call out the president’s dishonesty, who can?
By Greg Bensinger, a member of the editorial board. | The New York Times | 20.03.22
Construction of US-Mexico border wall proceeds despite coronavirus pandemic [Makes no sense given that sections can be cut down nightly with cheaply rentable saws.]
The Trump administration announced plans to erect 150 miles of barrier on the border, involving large numbers of contractors
Nina Lakhani | The Guardian | 20.03.22
Haroon Siddique (now) and Helen Davidson (earlier) | The Guardian | 20.03.22
Martin Farrer and agencies | The Guardian | 20.03.22
Up to a third of the UK’s greenhouse emissions come from central heating. But a switch from natural gas to hydrogen, one of three proposals for greener energy, has experts divided
Stuart Clark | The Guardian | 20.03.22
Indigenous species do not grow fast enough, so imports will have to be planted in their millions to offset emissions, expert warns
Jamie Doward | The Guardian | 20.03.22
Measure to target items such as straws, cutlery and polystyrene food and drink containers
PA Media | The Guardian | 20.03.22

Bad journalists are howled at
BOB SOMERBY in The DailyHowler | EVERY DAY

Arts & Education Events:
If world leaders do not fathom the threat to all life on Earth, they must be removed from office. [REF: World Economic Forum]
– Today's Posts: 3/29/20 –
On the campaign trail and in the latest CNN debate, Biden himself used [intentionally distorted] corporate media “factchecks” to discredit Sanders’ accurate attacks on his record.
JOSHUA CHO | FAIR | 20.03.28
The US president has been exposed by the coronavirus crisis. The only small comfort for the rest of the world is that he’s not their leader
Jonathan Freedland | The Guardian | 20.03.28
Republican support of big bailouts reeks of hypocrisy [Raiding Fort Knox for who knows what...]
During the Great Recession, Republicans favored a do-nothing policy. Now they are singing a different tune
Jonathan Freedland | The Guardian | 20.03.28
The missing six weeks: how Trump failed the biggest test of his life [Jeb Bush was right: "Trump’s not fit for the job!"]
The president was aware of the danger from the coronavirus – but a lack of leadership has created an emergency of epic proportions
by Ed Pilkington and Tom McCarthy in New York | The Guardian | 20.03.28
'There Should Be Shame': Watch Ocasio-Cortez Excoriate GOP Over Massive Corporate Bailouts in Coronavirus Bill [No vote allowed to improve funding for the public needing help the most....]
"What did the Senate majority fight for? One of the largest corporate bailouts, with as few strings as possible, in American history."
Jake Johnson, staff writer | Common Dreams | 20.03.27
"Instead of forcing American taxpayers to spend $500 billion subsidizing a fund for Secretary Mnuchin, that money would be far better spent going directly back to the people."
Jon Queally, staff writer | Common Dreams | 20.03.27
Trump administration allows companies to break pollution laws during coronavirus pandemic [Trump makes our Idiocracy stronger! Does he even understand the concept of rational thinking?]
Extraordinary move signals to US companies that they will not face any sanctions for polluting the air or water
Oliver Milman and Emily Holden | The Guardian | 20.03.27
How US governors are fighting coronavirus – and Donald Trump [An ignorant, illogical and childish President is impossible to work with...]
Governors have found themselves under an intense spotlight, highlighting an evolving dynamic between those running states and an impossible-to-predict president
Daniel Strauss | The Guardian | 20.03.27

An author in Rome describes what to expect based on her experiences of lockdown
Francesca Melandri | The Guardian | 20.03.28
Actions taken to suppress coronavirus reveal what measures are possible in an emergency, say experts
Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent | The Guardian | 20.03.28
Why are the rich and famous getting coronavirus tests [and face masks] while we aren't? [Because capitalism—that controls our government—cares nothing about the public!]
The wealthy and the powerful are counting on us not paying attention. They’re looking out for their own while we are left on a sinking ship
Jennifer Schaffer | The Guardian | 20.03.23
The UK expects thousands of deaths, and dangerously mixed messages risk making an already grave situation worse
Editorial | The Guardian | 20.03.23
Guardian News YouTube channel | The Guardian | 20.03.23
Once branded ‘rogue animals’, the elusive creatures were on the brink of extinction, but hope is rising for their survival
Annika Hammerschlag | The Guardian | 20.03.23
The country acted fast when the virus began to spread. Strict quarantine measures and testing have helped to curb it
Alexis Dudden and Andrew Marks | The Guardian | 20.03.22
Our politics isn’t designed to protect the public from Covid-19 [Politics are designed for public relations to serve "special interests"]
The politics of denial, first honed in the tobacco industry, has serious consequences for a floundering Johnson government
George Monbiot | The Guardian | 20.03.18
South Korea’s coronavirus response is the opposite of China and Italy – and it’s working [If only Mr. Trump and the U.S. Establishment could shake-off their do-nothing willful ignorance and learn...]
  • Seoul’s handling of the outbreak emphasises transparency and relies heavily on public cooperation in place of hardline measures such as lockdowns
  • While uncertainties remain, it is increasingly viewed by public health experts as a model to emulate for authorities desperate to keep Covid-19 in check

In what is being called the worst financial crisis since 1929, the US stock market has lost a third of its value in the space of a month, wiping out all of its gains of the last three years. When the Federal Reserve tried to ride to the rescue, it only succeeded in making matters worse. The government then pulled out all the stops. To our staunchly capitalist leaders, socialism is suddenly looking good.
by Ellen Brown | Web Of Debt | 20.03.22

US senators accused of coronavirus insider trading are a symbol of moral bankruptcy [Insider-trading is illegal for everyone else, it should be punishable by law without exceptions. Voters should get rid of them, regardless.]
Unethical and selfish behavior becomes especially disgusting in a time of a deadly pandemic
Nathan Robinson | The Guardian | 20.03.22

Idea updated 03/10/20: Those who think nation-states are not increasingly corrupt will not understand why change (below) is needed. [Ref.: The world is waking up to this!]

Virtual Nations [An editorial promoting an anti-fascist ideal]
Instead of Plutocratic/Corporate-Politicians owning and controlling people (and their children ad infinitum) in "their" Nation State, wouldn't it be better if adults world-wide could selectively contract with UN-certified professional agencies to perform nation-level fiduciary functions

Such nationalesque fiduciary agencies could manage escrow for Social Security and Medicare, plus smart funding for your priority governance and your charities better.

If this were possible and replaced Nations States, then it would end wars and immigration crises because citizens of every Virtual Nation's citizens would be scattered worldwide, as before Nation States. And a world-wide common language might naturally coalesce.

Local city, county and state governments can continue unchanged. But at the Virtual Nation level, Democracy would be professional-only and not be political. Your only annual(?) vote for Virtual Nation agency would be to renew with the same Virtual-Nation agency or change to another (which transfers escrows) and/or change priorities for governance and charities.

Marc Cherbonnier | The Baltimore Chronicle | Ref.

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