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Sunday, November 28, 2021  [America’s news media, political parties, Congress and Judicial System are dominated by corporate "donation-bribes" to fund the distortion of political parties.]
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The 2017 US out-of-control per capita health care spending was $5322 more per person than in France, the highest rated system based on patient outcomes. The US wastes $1.8 Trillion+ per year on health care spending compared to the average 2017 total per capita costs of comparable yet profit-controlled advanced countries.

Let's end price gouging and adopt fair profit-controls!

Western areas still assessing millions of dollars’ worth of damage from flooding earlier this month
Associated Press in Bellingham, Washington | The Guardian | 21.11.27
Coronavirus live | Coronavirus Covid live: suspected German and Czech Omicron cases; UK expert says pandemic ‘reboot’ unlikely [It's a race! Which will kill more: Fossil Fuel executives or Covid virus mutations?]
Léonie Chao-Fong (now), Harry Taylor , Aamna Mohdin and Samantha Lock (earlier) | The Guardian | 21.11.27
Minimize pollution!  California May Ban New Oil Wells Near Homes. Let's Eliminate the Existing Problem While We're At It [Let's punish and stop those who harm and kill life on the Earth!]
This is an opportunity to advance climate, environmental, and economic justice.
JANE FONDA, DARRYL MOLINA SARMIENTO / Source: the Los Angeles Times | Common Dreams | 21.11.27
No carbon removal approach—neither mechanical nor biological—will solve the climate crisis without an immediate transition away from fossil fuels.
JUNE SEKERA, NEVA GOODWIN / The Conversation | Common Dreams | 21.11.26
Lucy Campbell (now); Martin Belam and Samantha Lock (earlier) | The Guardian | 21.11.26
Miranda Bryant (now); Martin Belam and Samantha Lock (earlier) | The Guardian | 21.11.24
The scale of the crisis is intimidating. But most people are already members of organizations – like our employers, universities, unions or religious groups – that are great avenues to fight for concrete climate results
Tayo Bero | The Guardian | 21.11.23
While the industry has an important role to play in moving to low-carbon economies it’s also hugely carbon intensive and predicted to become more so
XiaoZhi Lim | The Guardian | 21.11.23
I have given up on the idea that facts alone will change a zealot’s mind, but a conversation shouldn’t be a battle for status or points
Myke Bartlett | The Guardian | 21.11.20

Howling at bad journalism!
BOB SOMERBY in Baltimore | The DailyHowler | DAILY

Coronavirus Former Trump adviser claims to ‘expose unvarnished truth’ of Covid in new book [From the cult of “We Make Shit Up To Be Important and Famous”]
Scott Atlas resigned after four months but blames Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birx for ‘headline-dominating debacles’
Martin Pengelly in New York | The Guardian | 21.11.26

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Unbribed government is essential to have Fair Wages and Fair Taxes:  'We Are Fighting Back': Global Black Friday Strikes and Protests Seek to #Make Amazon Pay
"We are workers and activists divided by geography and our role in the global economy but united in our commitment to Make Amazon Pay fair wages, its taxes, and for its impact on the planet."
KENNY STANCIL | Common Dreams | 21.11.27
The state’s policy of ‘Massive Resistance’ exemplifies the incendiary combination of race and education in the US
By Susan Smith-Richardson and Lauren Burke | The Guardian | 21.11.27
Thanksgiving Lara Trump claims pricier turkeys are a liberal plot against Thanksgiving [From the cult of “We Make Shit Up To Be Important and Famous”]
Ex-president’s daughter-in-law tells Fox News leftwing Americans ‘don’t want us to have any shared traditions’
Edward Helmore | The Guardian | 21.11.26
The Democratic ex-senator preaches a deeply unfashionable gospel of compromise in a country paralysed by civil war
David Smith in Washington | The Guardian | 21.11.24
Kathleen Belew says Rittenhouse’s acquittal signals an approval for growing militant vigilantism against racial justice protestors
April Glaser | The Guardian | 21.11.24
Republicans Group’s 6 January donation shows Trump’s grip on attorneys general [Former Army War College tacticians are likely being utilized. Trump and his ilk wouldn’t understand complex strategy without a lot of help.]
Watchdogs and ex-prosecutors have strongly criticised the Republican Attorneys General Association’s $150,000 donation
Peter Stone | The Guardian | 21.11.24
The Democratic congresswoman talks about her effort to censure Paul Gosar, her retirement and the shifting dynamics of the House
Joan E Greve in Washington | The Guardian | 21.11.24

CO2 accelerates Doomsday Clock!  Biden Drilling Report Blasted as 'Shocking Capitulation to the Needs of Corporate Polluters' [Biden reverts to corporate Democrat form for likely bribes, like Manchin.]
"Greenlighting more fossil fuel extraction, then pretending it's OK by nudging up royalty rates, is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic," said one campaigner.
JESSICA CORBETT | Common Dreams | 21.11.27
Clive Palmer Factcheck: Clive Palmer uses 12-minute radio interview to make false Covid claims [From the cult of “We Make Shit Up To Be Important and Famous”]
Chair of United Australia party insists there is no evidence vaccinations have led to fewer deaths and that more people die on the road than from Covid
Christopher Knaus | The Guardian | 21.11.26
Despite Thatcher and Reagan’s best efforts, there is and has always been such a thing as society. The question is not whether it exists, but what shape it must take in a post-pandemic world
Jill Lepore in Washington | The Guardian | 21.11.26
The government must stop pandering to anti-migrant sentiment and come up with a humane policy that meets its international responsibilities
Editorial | The Guardian | 21.11.26
The prime minister has always been unfit to lead, but now the media – and even his own party – are pointing it out
Owen Jones | The Guardian | 21.11.26

Virtual Nations [An editorial promoting an anti-despot/fascist ideal]
Instead of NATION-STATE-POLITICIANS essentially owning and controlling people (and their descendants ad infinitum) in "their" Nation State, wouldn't it be better if adults world-wide could contract with UN-certified professional agencies to perform nation-level fiduciary functions (certifications being updated at least annually).
— State, City and county governments would continue unchanged —
Marc Cherbonnier | The Baltimore Chronicle | Ref.
Green light | EnvironmentWhat happens when America’s coal plants die? [Healthier and longer life-spans are a huge benefit!]
Facing economic and environmental pressures, coal plants are closing across the US, leaving communities to work out how to keep afloat
Matt Krupnick | The Guardian | 21.11.27
Graeme Wearden | The Guardian | 21.11.26
Why prices are rising, how long this might last, and why inflation is a psychological as well as an economic phenomenon
Lauren Aratani | The Guardian | 21.11.26
We need a way out. We need a way up. That’s why I – and so many others – have jumped into cryptocurrency with both feet
Rohit Thawani | The Guardian | 21.11.23

Opinion | Ahmaud Arbery Justice prevailed in the trial of Ahmaud Arbery’s killers. In America, that’s a shock ["Conservative" Federalist Society judges—many appointed by Trump— dominate America's Justice System]
The jury reached the right verdict – even as the criminal justice system did everything it could to exonerate the three men
Moustafa Bayoumi | The Guardian | 21.11.26

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