Tuesday, September 28, 2021  [America’s news media, political parties, Congress and Supreme Court are dominated by corporate & oligarch "donation-bribes" that must be eliminated. This will allow a better informed public to dominate, instead, and elect the best principle-and-policy candidates.]
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Byzantine health plans. Impoverishing deductibles. Exorbitant drug costs. Soul-crushing surprises lurking in the fine print....
The 2017 US out-of-control per capita health care spending was $5322 more per person than in France, the highest rated system based on patient outcomes. The US wastes $1.8 Trillion per year on health care spending compared to the average 2017 total per capita costs of comparable yet profit-controlled advanced countries.
    Let's end price gouging and adopt fair profit-controls too.
DB Business channel | YouTube | 21.09.27
Major figures privately admit summit will fail to result in pledges that could limit global heating to 1.5C
Fiona Harvey Environment correspondent | The Guardian | 21.09.27
Tom Ambrose (now); Harriet Grant and Helen Sullivan (earlier) | The Guardian | 21.09.27
Stupidity!  The Entire United States Is Now the Reichstag Building [Republicans imitate futuristic stupid Americans in the movie: "Idiocracy"]
The Republicans smell blood in the water. Is it possible to overstate how dangerous this situation has become?
ADOLPH REED JR. | Common Dreams | 21.09.26
"Is there an acceptable pediatric body count?" asked a top pediatrician in New Orleans this week. "I think not."
JULIA CONLEY | Common Dreams | 21.09.25
Maanvi Singh (now) and Joan E Greve (earlier) | The Guardian | 21.09.24
Environmental activism ‘Low-hanging fruit’: Insulate Britain’s message makes sense, say experts [Too many houses are under-insulated, which can be fixed cheaply!]
While its tactics are controversial, there is ‘widespread agreement’ with the group’s demands
Matthew Taylor | The Guardian | 21.09.24
From turning CO2 into rock to capturing the breath of office workers, a growing number of companies think the answer is yes
Damian Carrington Environment editor | The Guardian | 21.09.24
Many workers feel stonewalled by elected officials and scapegoated for the high US Covid death toll
Abdullah Shihipar | The Guardian | 21.09.23
Refusal to recognise vaccines given across Latin America, Africa and south Asia has been denounced as ‘discriminatory’
Tom Phillips, Flávia Milhorance in Rio de Janeiro, Emmanuel Akinwotu, and Jon Henley in Paris | The Guardian | 21.09.23
London Climate crisis: fifth of London schools now susceptible to flooding [Other coastal city mayors are either clueless or scared-stiff by such an enormous threat.]
Sadiq Khan to warn time is running out to tackle emergency as he puts pressure on UK government to act
Aubrey Allegretti Political correspondent | The Guardian | 21.09.23
Level for the most damaging tiny particles is halved, reflecting new evidence of deadly harm
Damian Carrington Environment editor | The Guardian | 21.09.23
In low-income countries fewer than 2% of the population has received a shot
David Smith in Washington | The Guardian | 21.09.22
Opinion | Gardens Do you have a glossy green front lawn? What is this, the 1950s? [The misuses of precious fresh water are worse than stupid.]
Green lawns are terrible for the environment. They’re also embarrassingly old-fashioned and out of style
Tayo Bero | The Guardian | 21.09.22

Opinion | Media business Rupert Murdoch’s launch of talkTV is about opportunism as much as ideology [Warped news is killing the (figuratively) human insects]
Piers Morgan will be presenting a nightly talkshow in this new venture aimed at outflanking the ailing GB News
Emily Bell is director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism | The Guardian | 21.09.21
US news Dangerous transmissions: anti-vax radio shows reach millions in US while stars die of Covid [Right-wing media doesn't care about truth or morality, they exemplify the worst kind of capitalism.]
Media watchdogs suggest that some basic level of responsibility to the public should be required to keep a broadcast license
Adam Gabbatt | The Guardian | 21.09.21
Howling at bad journalism!
BOB SOMERBY in Baltimore | The DailyHowler | DAILY

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Low vaccine rates may be the predictable outcome subject to entrenched social forces that have diminished American health and life expectancy since the 1980s, health researchers say
Reuters in New York | The Guardian | 21.09.27
Reuters in New York | The Guardian | 21.09.27
Renters and people of color are most likely to be living without water or flushing toilets in some of America’s wealthiest cities, new research shows
Nina Lakhani in New York and Maanvi Singh in San Francisco | The Guardian | 21.09.27
Texas:  Fancy hunting a kangaroo? Or a zebra? In Texas, you can pay to play [It's what the Trumps’ call sport: it’s murdering beautiful animals that are raised like pets with high-powered scoped-rifles from a great distance...for fun.]
In ‘canned’ hunts, captive animals are shot for meat and trophies but ranchers say they need to make money and exotic animals offer a steady revenue
by Alexandra Villarreal | The Guardian | 21.09.27
  • Speaker sends letter to party at mercy of warring factions
  • One reporter observes: ‘Well, this is raising the stakes’
Guardian staff and agencies | The Guardian | 21.09.26
Opinion | Biden administration Why corporate social responsibility is BS [Note: News media are corporations, too. Consider Newsmax, etc....]
While big corporations tell Americans how virtuous they are, they lobby up a storm against Biden’s social policy bill
Robert Reich | The Guardian | 21.09.26
Slumping approval ratings, political deadlock at home and blunders on foreign policy leave the White House facing its moment of truth
Simon Tisdall | The Guardian | 21.09.26
Anti-choice groups are embarrassed that their draconian law is being enforced the way it was designed
Moira Donegan | The Guardian | 21.09.26
Opinion | Biden administration Why corporate social responsibility is BS [Note: News media are corporations, too. Consider Newsmax, etc....]
While big corporations tell Americans how virtuous they are, they lobby up a storm against Biden’s social policy bill
Robert Reich | The Guardian | 21.09.26
"The solution is to blow up the filibuster at least for debt limit votes, just as Mitch blew it up to pack the Supreme Court for his big donors."
JAKE JOHNSON | Common Dreams | 21.09.25
The rightwing playbook: outrage, leading to the passage of deliberately vague laws and advocacy groups diligently weaponizing those laws
Arwa Mahdawi | The Guardian | 21.09.25

German federal election 2021 Germany election: SPD wins narrow victory as Merkel era ends in near-deadlock [1:22 video; It’s excellent for the Greens to now have heightened policy influence!]
Social Democrats edge out Christian Democrats, according to preliminary results, but tight finish leaves third-placed Green party as kingmaker
Nina Lakhani in New York and Maanvi Singh in San Francisco | The Guardian | 21.09.27
Israel Five Palestinians shot dead in gun battles with Israeli troops in West Bank [Palestinians need non-militant peacetime leadership to leverage their common semitic heritage with Jews to win a lasting peace!]
Two Israeli soldiers were also seriously wounded after violence erupted when troops tried to arrest suspected Hamas militants
Associated Press | The Guardian | 21.09.27
South Korea South Korean president suggests ban on eating dog meat [We need dogs as loving friends, instead!]
Moon Jae-in, a dog-lover, says ‘time has come’ for traditional practice to end
Agence France-Presse in Seoul | The Guardian | 21.09.27
Gabby Petito The death of Gabby Petito draws attention to a form of gendered violence [...] that has long been hiding in plain sight [Femicide is a world-wide threat to women and girls, with the highest known incidence in America.]
The death of Gabby Petito draws attention to a form of widespread gendered violence in the US that has long been hiding in plain sight
Rose Hackman | The Guardian | 21.09.26
Despite all the analogies for this possibly terminal emergency, it is unlike anything that has come before
Ian Jack | The Guardian | 21.09.25
Opinion | United Nations As world leaders gather at the UN, the violation of Palestinian rights must be on the agenda [Israel’s Jews created a second “Warsaw Ghetto,” one that has harshly punished Palestinians for seventy years! This then resulted in militant Palestinian leadership that has made matters even worse.]
The UN played a crucial role in defeating South African apartheid – it is time to investigate Israel’s unequal regime
Hanan Ashrawi and Lakhdar Brahimi | The Guardian | 21.09.25
President tells UN general assembly that US will become the world’s leading provider of climate finance
Oliver Milman in New York | The Guardian | 21.09.22
Far-right president peddled unproven Covid remedies and made baseless claims about Brazilian politics and the environment
Tom Phillips in Rio de Janeiro | The Guardian | 21.09.22
Experts welcome Xi Jinping’s announcement at UN as hugely influential, but concerns remain over domestic emissions
Helen Sullivan and agencies | The Guardian | 21.09.22
As a child in Afghanistan, she pretended to be a boy in order to get an education, before starting her own women’s news agency. Now living in Britain, her fight continues
by Annie Kelly | The Guardian | 21.09.22

Economic observers should heed the warnings now – rising prices and slowing growth are a very real threat
Nouriel Roubini | The Guardian | 21.09.22

Nooruddin Turabi, in charge of Afghan prisons, says executions and removal of hands will restart, but possibly not in public
Peter Beaumont | The Guardian | 21.09.24

ECHR also finds ex-KGB bodyguard Andrei Lugovoi and another Russian, Dmitry Kovtun, carried out assassination
Haroon Siddique and Andrew Roth | The Guardian | 21.09.21

Virtual Nations [An editorial promoting an anti-despot/fascist ideal]
Instead of NATION-STATE-POLITICIANS essentially owning and controlling people (and their descendants ad infinitum) in "their" Nation State, wouldn't it be better if adults world-wide could contract with UN-certified professional agencies to perform nation-level fiduciary functions (certifications being updated at least quarterly).
— State, City and county governments would continue unchanged —
Marc Cherbonnier | The Baltimore Chronicle | Ref.

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