Last updated: Friday, February 26, 2022  [Amerika’s major political parties, Congress and Supreme Court are controlled via corporate & oligarch money. We must forbid such bribes and foster principle-based purpose-functionality in government agencies. We must eliminate bribes of media (for biased coverage) and of congressmen (for votes) so all conduct is within the framework of gov't funded elections.]
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Obama's ACA didn't fix this:
The US wastes $1.8 Trillion per year on health care spending compared to the average of 2017 total per capita costs of comparable yet profit-controlled advanced countries. Let's end price gouging and adopt profit-control practices too. To the point, 2017 US out-of-control per capita health care spending was $5322 more per person than in France, the highest rated system based on patient outcomes.
Advisory panel will meet on Friday to decide whether to recommend the vaccine be authorized
Jessica Glenza and agencies | The Guardian | 21.02.25
The big blackout lie:  Australia was the first casualty of the big blackout lie blaming wind power – the US could be next [Find what and who caused the infrastructure vulnerability and fix it.]
As climate impacts intensify, power grids stuffed with ageing fossil fuel infrastructure crumble
Ketan Joshi | The Guardian | 21.02.24
Environment:  Beaver believers: Native Americans promote resurgence of 'nature's engineers' [Maximize benefit from fresh water before it flows away. Capturing flood waters for use during drought would be smart too.]
The rodents are often considered ‘nuisance animals’, but they can play a vital role in maintaining healthy landscapes
Lucy Sherriff | The Guardian | 21.02.24
Scientists say there is significant risk of resurgence until all age groups are immunised
Natalie Grover | The Guardian | 21.02.24
Make decisions based on the science, not Murdoch's baseless "news":  Joe Biden's climate envoy admits US and Australia not on 'same page' [Pretend you're a live crab in a pot coming to boil.]
John Kerry’s comments, including a call for a faster exit from coal power, add to pressure on the Coalition to do more
Daniel Hurst and Adam Morton | The Guardian | 21.02.24
During a global pandemic, 87 million Americans are uninsured or underinsured. Many are frontline workers who cannot practice social distancing
Reverend William Barber | The Guardian | 21.02.23

Disinformation:  Lead With Facts, Not Punditry: Journalists and the Looming Superstorm of Climate Disinformation [Lazy journalists and politicians frame issues as between black and white, but even the simplest problems are more complicated.]
Journalists must shirk the habit of framing everything as a two-sided debate.
by Andrew McCormick | Common Dreams | 21.02.25
Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announces a compromise has been reached at the 11th hour as the legislation is debated in the Senate
Amanda Meade, Josh Taylor and Daniel Hurst | The Guardian | 21.02.24
Bad journalists are howled at
BOB SOMERBY in The DailyHowler | EVERY DAY

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Virtual Nations [An editorial promoting an anti-despot/fascist ideal]
Instead of NATION-STATE-POLITICIANS essentially owning and controlling people (and their descendants ad infinitum) in "their" Nation State, wouldn't it be better if adults world-wide could contract with UN-certified professional agencies to perform nation-level fiduciary functions (certifications being updated at least annually).
— State, City and county governments would continue unchanged —
Marc Cherbonnier | The Baltimore Chronicle | Ref.
"When people vote in the midterms, you're not gonna be able to say, 'Well I'm sorry we couldn't raise the minimum wage because the parliamentarian ruled that we couldn't do it.'"
by Jake Johnson, staff writer | Common Dreams | 21.02.25
Governance:  'DeJoy Should Be Sent Packing': Biden Postal Board Nominees Urged to Press for Removal of Postmaster General [Are there legal or investigatory reasons for delaying his dismissal?]
"Our entire country is fed up with USPS leadership."
by Jake Johnson, staff writer | Common Dreams | 21.02.25
Opinion:  Biden is already backtracking on his promises to provide student debt relief [Why not forgive up to a fixed amount per year attended?]
Let’s be clear: whatever he may say, Biden absolutely has the power to unilaterally cancel all federal student debt
Astra Taylor | The Guardian | 21.02.25
Move undoes actions that blocked many immigrants from entering the US and sought to cut funding to cities Trump deemed ‘lawless’
Guardian staff and agency | The Guardian | 21.02.25
Water Act proposes injection of federal dollars to overhaul ageing infrastructure, create jobs and address inequalities
Nina Lakhani in New York | The Guardian | 21.02.25
Lineup at annual gathering features former president’s allies – and Trump himself – suggesting his dominance is undiminished by his election loss
David Smith in Washington | The Guardian | 21.02.25

The burden to pay for people in retirement is too great on those facing debt, job insecurity and an uncertain future
Minouche Shafik | The Guardian | 21.02.25
Practical and ethical concerns are valid, but a well-designed policy with the right legal safeguards could make a valuable difference
Editorial | The Guardian | 21.02.25
Impending crisis:  Number of Hong Kong residents moving to Taiwan nearly doubles in 2020 [What are the logical & rational reasons for China’s conduct?]
Wave of migration comes amid worsening crackdown on freedoms following the introduction of Beijing’s national security law
Helen Davidson in Taipei | The Guardian | 21.02.25
Hong Kong:  Close loopholes so only 'patriots' can run Hong Kong – Chinese official [1:34 video; People will only pretend to change if it’s against their self-interests.]
Speculation grows China seeking to block opposition candidates and overhaul judiciary
Agence France-Presse | The Guardian | 21.02.24
Saudi Arabia:  British arms sales prolonging Saudi war in Yemen, says Oxfam [What can go wrong when you sell the most lethal weapons to people infamous for barbarity?]
UK exports including air-to-air refuelling equipment will prolong conflict, say campaigners
Dan Sabbagh | The Guardian | 21.02.24

Family of Angelo Quinto said police officer knelt on his neck for almost five minutes after they called for help
Ed Pilkington in New York and agency | The Guardian | 21.02.25
Reuters reports that intelligence assessment of murder of journalist will find that Mohammed bin Salman was complicit
Stephanie Kirchgaessner in Washington | The Guardian | 21.02.25

Technology theft:  SolarWinds hack was work of 'at least 1,000 engineers', tech executives tell Senate [We must invent better technology or lose dominance.]
True scope of the breach, which affected 100 companies and several federal agencies, is still unknown
Kari Paul and agencies | The Guardian | 21.02.24
Eyad al-Gharib found guilty of aiding and abetting a crime against humanity

....A few weeks shy of the 10th anniversary of Syria’s revolution, the verdict in his case in Koblenz marks a groundbreaking moment of justice for the hundreds of thousands of people who have disappeared in the regime’s state-run torture system....

Bethan McKernan in Istanbul | The Guardian | 21.02.24
Outlawing ecocide would hold governments and corporations accountable for environmental negligence. We can’t wait
Jojo Mehta and Julia Jackson | The Guardian | 21.02.24

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