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Obama's ACA didn't fix this:
The U.S. wastes $1.8 Trillion per year on health care spending compared to the average of 2017 per capita costs of comparable yet profit-controlled advanced countries. Let's end price gouging and adopt profit-control practices too. To the point, 2017 US out-of-control per capita health care spending was $5322 more per person than in France, the highest rated system based on patient outcomes.
Turning your perfectly unnatural (yet impressively green!) lawn into an imperfectly wild(ish) piece of land requires a little time and energy at first. And then...a lot less mowing.
Jessie Kissinger | Popular Mechanics
Australia Institute says claim Australia is only responsible for 1.2% of emissions hides real contribution to climate crisis

....When exports and what is burned at home are combined, Australia ranks fifth behind China, the US, Russia and Saudi Arabia in responsibility for carbon dioxide from extractive fossil industries.

Adam Morton Environment editor | The Guardian
The Trump administration tried to bury a climate study on ... rice? [CO2 increase causes decrease in nutrition from rice and other crops. Trump chose to bury the story because it contradicts his ignorance.]
“The USDA is part of a federal administration that can only be described in legal terms as ‘exhibiting depraved indifference to climate change.’”
Zoya Teirstein | Grist
Nancy LeTourneau | Washington Monthly
Discovery of pollution in snowfall from the Arctic to the Alps leads to call for urgent research on potential human health impacts
Damian Carrington Environment editor | The Guardian
Fracking Boom in US and Canada Largely to Blame for 'Massive' Rise of Global Methane Levels: Study [Will there be mass-murder criminal charges? Will Trump-appointed judges allow any criminal or civil-cases be fairly adjudicated?]
While the rise of methane in the Earth's atmosphere over the past decade has been "globally significant," quick action to end fracking would have a rapid, positive impact on the environment
Julia Conley, staff writer | Common Dreams
  • Last year, 40% of US honeybee colonies died or disappeared – the most severe bee decline ever recorded during the winter season.
  • Bee populations worldwide have been shrinking for years. Earth is at risk of losing all its insects in 100 years.
  • Without bees, crops worldwide would suffer, making nuts, fruits, and vegetable more expensive and difficult to produce.
  • Scientists still haven’t figured out exactly what’s killing the bees, but potential causes fall into four categories: pathogens, pests, stress, and pesticides.
  • When the majority of a colony’s worker bees disappear and leave behind the queen, baby bees, and lots of food, that’s called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). The mysterious phenomenon has caused enormous bee losses since at least 2006.
The rain in Spain: how an ancient Arabic technique saves Alicante from floods [With rainfall now more erratic and intense, communities should consider such preparation]
To protect itself from destructive flooding, the city has built a park designed to store and recycle rainwater
Stephen Burgen in Alicante | The Guardian
Steve Hanley  | CleanTechnica
Guest Contributor  | CleanTechnica
Saurabh | CleanTechnica
Climate breakdown could be rapid and unpredictable. We can no longer tinker around the edges and hope minor changes will avert collapse
George Monbiot | The Guardian
“Kochland” Examines the Koch Brothers’ Early, Crucial Role in Climate-Change Denial [For their gravestones, what best summarizes the vast death of life across the globe these two brothers have wrought?]
A new book reveals that Charles Koch, along with his brother David, played an earlier and more central role in climate-change denial than was previously understood.
Jane Mayer | The New Yorker
‘Furthest north lightning strikes in Alaska forecaster memory’ hit as high temperatures and widespread fires plague region
Edward Helmore | The Guardian
Jose Pontes | CleanTechnica
Nicolas Zart | CleanTechnica
The recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report shows that agriculture is responsible for 37 percent of greenhouse gas emissions
Kristin Ohlson | Common Dreams
"It's the Environmental Protection Agency, not the pesticide protection agency."
Andrea Germanos, staff writer | Common Dreams
About 450 overseas pests have been introduced to US forests, a climate crisis resource, due to international trade and travel
Oliver Milman | The Guardian

Why are New York Times and Guardian downplaying resistance to Brazil’s far-right president?
The fact that cable news pundits, anchors, and reporters rushed to vehemently defend corporate media against Sanders' comments is illustrative of the dynamic. It makes you wonder where career self-interest ends and sincere delusion begins.
Norman Solomon | Common Dreams
Guess who said it: Tucker Carlson or a far-right shooter [How have Fox News and similar excretory news sources become such profitable engines of hate? They foment fear of people different than ‘you’ as the problem, and sell evisceration of ‘them’ as the solution. It’s all neatly packaged to make ‘you’ feel safer.]
The Fox New host’s nightly diatribes are making the US an ever more terrifying place for immigrants and people of color
Nathan Robinson | The Guardian
"Trump and the billionaires in his administration—after giving away over $1 trillion in tax cuts to mainly the rich and large corporations—are now trying to strip nutrition assistance from more than three million people."
Jake Johnson, staff writer | Common Dreams
Bad journalists are howled at
BOB SOMERBY in The DailyHowler | EVERY DAY

Arts & Education Events:
This is a fight for life!
If current and prospective world leaders do not fathom the threat to continuation of all life on Earth, they must be denied authority as soon as possible.
Whether they know it or not, today’s obstructionists are using a playbook developed long ago by the plantation elite.
Jamelle Bouie | The New York Times
Our founding ideals of liberty and equality were false when they were written. For generations, black Americans have fought to make them true.
Nikole Hannah-Jones | The New York Times
In 1619, a ship with 20 captives landed at Point Comfort in Virginia, ushering in the era of American slavery
Khushbu Shah and Juweek Adolphe | The Guardian
Oregon city sees sporadic violence and a dozen arrests as Donald Trump and Proud Boys chairman denounce anti-fascists
Jason Wilson | The Guardian
The misogyny Steve King embodies is very much in the DNA of the Republican party [Society has become an embarassing...mess...from media outlets and politicians spewing outrageous hate and warped opinion.]
The Republican party is very much Steve King’s party – don’t let any Republican try and pretend otherwise
 The Grand Old Pervert party 
Arwa Mahdawi | The Guardian
Slavery helped turn America into a financial colossus. And our economy is still shaped by management practices invented by enslavers and overseers.
Matthew Desmond | The New York Times
Trump's Statue of Bigotry is not Cuccinelli's first neo-Confederate assault [Is everyone in the Trump Administration a racist bigot?]
In 2010, as Virginia attorney general, the acting USCIS director tried to make his staff wear a symbol of secession
Sidney Blumenthal | The Guardian
Steve Contorno | Tampa Bay Times

Huge crowds fill downtown park and surrounding streets, forcing police to block roads
Verna Yu in Hong Kong | The Guardian
Fire broke out in Dhaka’s Mirpur district on Friday, destroying almost 2,000 tin shacks, officials say
Agence France-Presse | The Guardian
Australia’s regional and global influence will not grow unless we are fair dinkum about acting on climate change
Nicky Ison | The Guardian
Court decision on fate of Grace 1, which was seized by UK Royal Marines, due on Thursday
Dan Sabbagh, Patrick Wintour and agencies | The Guardian
The Museum Is the Refugee’s Home [Think about it: refugees—excluding bad criminal types—are naturally the best new citizens because they'll fight like hell for a better life.]
Without exiles and émigrés there is no modern culture. A new show in Washington maps a century of art and displacement.
Jason Farago | The New York Times
Hundreds of demonstrators stage new rally a day after shutdown at key transport hub
Lily Kuo in Beijing and agencies | The Guardian
Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy is imperilling centuries of common purpose. It can’t be allowed to succeed
Gordon Brown | The Guardian
Editor's note: Michael D'Antonio is the author of the book "Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success" and co-author with Peter Eisner of "The Shadow President: The Truth About Mike Pence." The opinions expressed in this commentary are the author's. View more opinion articles on CNN.
Michael D'Antonio | CNN

Virtual Nations could replace nation-states, allowing everyone to be agents for a better world
Marc Cherbonnier | The Baltimore Chronicle | Ref.
There are currently 52 federal terrorism laws available to address entirely domestic acts of political violence
Mike German | The Guardian

Without us noticing, we are entering the postcapitalist era. At the heart of further change to come is information technology, new ways of working and the sharing economy. The old ways will take a long while to disappear, but it’s time to be utopian
Paul Mason | The Guardian
Congress just passed a budget that blows the doors off the deficit and Pentagon budget levels. So where are the presidential candidates?
DAVID NELSON | The American Conservative [Not to be confused with today's Republican Party]

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