• 18/06/2024 17:49

Recruiting for the ZSU: the Ministry of Defense has learned what professions it specializes in

In Ukraine, nearly two dozen recruiting centers have been opened to the fronts of ZSU. Try to pursue professions that are closer to civil life.

RBC-Ukraine reports this in a statement sent by the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umerov during an interview.

Behind the words minister, recruiting centers in Ukraine were created, and mobilization took place among more civilized minds.

Umerov noted that in Ukraine, about 20 recruiting centers have already been opened to the fronts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and in the regions there will be New centers will appear. The head of the Ministry of Defense added that vacancies that are closest to civil life will be the most profitable. more professionally. On today's waters, mechanics, people who want to vikorist drones, more civilized plantings – the stench of a great drink emanates,” said Umerov.

Mobilization in Ukraine

In Ukraine, at the beginning of a large-scale invasion, mobs were deafened lizatsiya, they lasted until 11 September 2024 rock.

The new law on mobilization was also praised in Ukraine. I will again gain rank on the 18th of May. In addition, recruiting for the army has begun in Ukraine. The main importance of mobilization lies in the fact that people can independently turn to the military profession or choose to serve.

Earlier, RBC-Ukraine reported that the Land And the army created a recruiting center. The first task will be to select and complete the unmanned systems.

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