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See the Trifecta OP-ED article to which letters below refer.
  • Just received a copy of your June 2 article re: Bush II statement about hitting the Trifecta. Thank you so much for tackling the common lack of honest writing and reporting that saturates our media. Many of us have turned away from the irresponsible reporting and are seeking alternative news reports from around the world and the few outstanding journalists in our country.
           The Beltway folks are behaving in a most egregious manner by twisting the facts, supplying us with misinformation, disinformation or simply lying about the news.
           We must punch their balloon now or lose our country to the oligarchs that pay their salaries and dictate what they can write about and report.

    Dr. Joan Magit
    Northridge, CA

  • I just finished reading Brad Carlton's "How Bush Hit the 'Trifecta'," and I want to thank you for having the courage to ask important questions. It is unlikely anyone in the administration truly conceived the scale of the September 11th attack; but the machismo with which the administration beat their chests about international relations issues in Bush's first months in office reminded me of middle school in Texas (of which I'm a veteran): it was as if the administration were saying to the rest of the world, "Oh yeah? You don't like us? You don't want to do what we say? You think you're tough? Let's just see you try something!" It was clear to me then that Bush was itching for a fight.
           I hope more journalists and the media at large begins resuming their important role of asking the sometimes unpleasant, but necessary, questions.

    Arlen Johnson
    Troy, NY

  • It is beyond my comprehension that Bush would look the other way while terrorists plotted ever so craftily to bring down America, to bring down the American economy, just so Bush could raid Social Security.
           Bush did promise to honor the sanctity of the Social Security lockbox except in war or some other national emergency. However, he reportedly said, after 9/11, (which is only hearsay), "I hit the trifecta," meaning that he can go into Social Security now. This is too evil to even comprehend--too evil to be conceivable. If this is true then Bush would epitomize the word mercenary.
           I am here to tell you that if America's seniors catch on to this and find out it is true...Bush's days in the White House will be over come election time. Unfortunately, every senior in this country depends on Social Security to live.

    Oma Callie Patino

  • Bravo, for publishing Brad Carlton's article about the "Trifecta." It is difficult to understand why we are not, this very moment, watching impeachment proceedings on national television, given the amount of information that is available about this corrupt administration. Of course, most of the media is still "playing nice," and continuing to give pass after to pass to the outrages of the Bush administration and its inept (at best) and criminal (at worst) activities.
           Please continue to push for an independent investigation. We can hope that an honest election in November may offer hope, if we are actually able to hold an election. Many voices (and not fringe-element, looney tunes ones) are suggesting a possible scenario in which another terrorist attack, occurring at a very convenient moment, could bring a "state of emergency" and an accompanying suspension of elections until the crisis is solved. Sounds a bit crazed, but who would have thought that we would see the de facto judicial coup d'etat which brought the current occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue into power?
           Thank you for your efforts to get the truth out!

    Judy Barrett
    Laguna Niguel, CA

  • This was an excellent article noting the facts and asking the questions that many so-called investigative journalists ignore.
           This administration is entirely too secretive and tries to suppress questions which need to be answered. Thank you so much for printing this. May the truth find its way to the light!

    Sharman Galloway

  • Thank you for the article. The public needs to know.

    Kraig Olmstead

  • Thank-you so much for running the Brad Carlton piece on Bush's "Trifecta." Please continue to support this kind of investigative journalism, since the media heavyweights have probably been told to "stand-down."

    David Griswold
    Chapel Hill, NC

  • Thank you for publishing this very important article about Bush's use of the "lucky me, I hit the trifecta" comment, in spite of pressure from the Bush White House to "whitewash" everything he does! The people deserve to hear the truth about him, and very few newspapers are brave enough to publish it.
           Please keep up the good work and help restore Democracy in the United States.

    Connie Massey
    Worcester, MA 01609

  • Thank you so much for having the journalistic integrity to publish Brad Carlton's piece on Bush's "Trifecta." Bush's first use of that term after the 9/11 attack was shocking, and so completely insensitive to the survivors and family of 9/11 victims, that I was certain Bush's advisors would tell him to never, ever repeat it. Instead it has become fodder for laughs at every Republican fundraiser he has attended since 9/11. I might also add, that in his busy schedule managing our economy, and directing the war on terror, Bush and Cheney have managed to raise over 100 million dollars for the Republican Party and candidates while criss-crossing the country on Air Force One. The unprecedented fundraising at a time of war is another subject entirely. I'd like to see more reported about that aspect of the Administration's war on terror.
           There is a growing crowd that believes there was, in the Bush Administration, at worst a premeditated effort to allow the 9/11 attack, and at best a "wait and see" attitude that allowed 9/11 to happen. Either scenario requires the intent to let the impending attack happen to further the Administration's and their benefactors' goals. That is something that needs to be investigated. Why would anyone fear a Blue Ribbon Panel? As for the Trifecta comment? That horrid, insensitive, cynical "joke" needs to be retired, for the sake of the victims of 9/11.

    Diana Hathaway
    Morro Bay, CA

  • Great piece by Brad Carlton regarding the odious trifecta comments. It's about time the press started asking these questions. It is not unpatriotic or anti-American. It is the exact opposite.
           I'm sure you've had e-mails condemning this piece. Please accept a purple heart from this net citizen, for your courage in running this piece. We need more journalists, editors, and newspapers like this. Our democracy demands no less.

    Bill Fredriksson

  • I agree completely with Mr. Carlton's assessment. There are and have been too many editorials, too many op-ed pieces, too many letters to the editors, too many Internet speculations about what the Bush Administration knew, when it knew it, and what it did with the knowledge. But no one is following up on it, certainly no one in the mainstream media, and by that I mean news magazines, newspapers, television news and magazines, even NPR.
           Unless and until the media starts investigating and turning up the heat to which it holds the Administration's collective feet, everything will remain speculation.
           Until brave and courageous media (not medium; it's going to take a heckuva lot more than one) put out banner headlines "We're Not At War!" and expose the deviousness, duplicity, and sheer propaganda of the Bush2 administration, nothing is going to change.
           The Baltimore Chronicle can be lauded for its courage in publishing Mr. Carlton's assessment, but until this is front page news and not mere op-ed page musings, not much will happen.

    Linda Ann Wheeler Hilton
    Buckeye, Arizona

  • Thank you for having the spine to print something about our president that is true.

    Ken Mader

  • It's about time that someone in the media speaks up about the phony "war on terror" and the pillaging of the U.S. Treasury by the Bush administration. Brad Carlton's column was well written and honest--we need more of that right now....

    Thanks for your courage,
    Rob Kneller
    Morristown, NJ

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Bu$h Trifecta article. Thank you for having the courage to break lockstep from the rest of the media and print something of substance. Please continue in this way; the truth needs to be heard.

    Micki Aiken Allyn

  • Thank you for publishing Brad Carlton's excellent "Speaking Out" column on June 2, 2002 that addressed a few of the many troubling issues surrounding the current Bush administration. As you are aware, many major media outlets have made a conscious decision to suppress reports that contain any criticism of G.W. Bush and his cronies. Mr. Carlton's essay raises some serious questions that need further attention.

    Peter Johnston
    Falls Church, VA 22042

  • Regarding Brad Carlton's opinion piece on the "Trifecta": In a free country, there should be transparency. If there is nothing to hide, there should be no fear of an investigation. What is the Bush administration afraid of? As time goes on, more and more Americans begin to question the validity of this unelected administration.

    Chris Horton
    Portland, ME 04102

  • Thanks for telling it like it really is. Good job.

    Charles Ridenour
    Jacksonville, Fl.

  • Re: Bush's Trifecta. Thank you for saying what should be repeated loudly until everyone gets it. Our choices in explaining what's going in are: it's either complete incompetence or complete corruption. A third choice is that really stupid criminals are running the country. Many of us are awake, many more need to be. Thanks again for doing what journalists should do. In this time and place, that's very precious.

    Rita Weinstein
    Seattle, WA

  • I would like to thank your paper for printing this piece. What bothers me is that the press is not checking into the Bush Administration's energy dealings, budget deficits, and control of information regarding every aspect of his administration. Now more then ever, investigative reporters are needed to check on the current administration. Like the line from "All the President's Men," follow the money.

    Thanks again,
    Samuel A. Massafra

  • Thank you for publishing Brad Carlton's article on Bush's trifecta comment. I wish more media outlets would actually investigate and report the way this journalist has.

    Joni Gruber

  • Thank you for reporting things as they really are. Regardless of what this administration says, a certain amount of dissension is patriotism.

    Keep the faith,
    Keith Evans

  • I would like to commend you for publishing Brad Carlton's piece "How Bush Hit the Trifecta." He is right on in his initial observation that it is sickening to contemplate that an administration would look the other way and allow an attack on innocent citizens for its own gain; yet that is precisely what the Bush administration did,and they got away with it because no one has the courage to say so. If Mr. Carlton keeps looking he may be able to put all the pieces together and truly begin to see the whole picture. He is an investigative reporter and who knows, maybe he will be the Woodward and Bernstein of the 21st century. It won't happen at the Washington Post, that's for sure. Thanks again for at least putting the opinion out in print.

    William Miller
    Roslindale, Massachusetts

  • Your observations & conclusions certainly are correct--and forums I frequent have large majorities fervently in agreement.
           The nation needs more of your demonstrated courage.

    Ann Orlando

  • Great article. Bush appears pleased on the campaign trail to pronounce that he "hit the Trifecta" even with a smile on his face. He is truly a pathetic human being.

    Michael Perry

  • Thanks to Brad Carlton for his article on George Bush's horrendous "trifecta" remark, since this story has been all but ignored by the mainstream media. Keep up the good work !

    Tim McKasty

  • I'm glad that a major newspaper has finally written about the "trifecta joke" that Bush keeps saying at various fundraisers. What's even stranger than him saying it over and over, is that the audience keeps laughing.
           Creepy and sad state of our government.

    T. Takahashi

  • Thank you for your article on the Trifecta.
           Regarding the Administration's possible previous knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, the smoking gun is the lack of response by fighter jets in adjacent Air Force bases to defend Washington, D.C. airspace (their raison d'etre), or reach the planes heading for the WTC. As I understand it, standard operating procedure, when a place loses radar contact, is for a jet to be scrambled to go and have a look. What does it take to counter standard operating procedure in the Air Force? Find out how that happened, and publish it, and you'll hit the trifecta yourself.
           As one who is beginning to understand how it was the Germans went along with the Nazi regime as, piece by piece, it took over, I am very much hoping our journalists will save us from what is happening by exposing what is really going on.

    Carol Wolf

  • Thank you for publishing the article by Brad Carlton on Bush hitting the trifecta. This has been totally ignored by the mainstream media for far too long. It is newspapers like yours that are keeping the sprit of America alive. Please continue to publish articles that tell us the truth about this current appointed administration. The right wing corporate media will have us believe that everything is just fine, don't worry about anything, except when we tell you to by issuing another so-called "terrorist alert".
           Again, thank you.

    Art Richardson
    St Petersburg, Fl 33713

  • Brad Carlton's essay on the need for a full and independent investigation on what was known prior to September 11 is outstanding. Thanks for printing it. America needs to have the courage to look deeply at all the information. The choices we are making now affect our country and the rest of the world as well, and they will have an impact on our children's lives for years to come.

    Peter Buckley
    Democratic Candidate for Congress, District Two, Oregon

  • Thank You....That was the best Editorial I ever read...How our elected representatives cannot see the New World Order Fascist Government not flexing its muscles is appalling. Whatever happens to curtail civil rights and throttle dissent, as well as the dismantling of the social programs for the disabled and poor, is pandemic, and happening in Australia, The U.S., & England concurrently, as well as in South America and Europe....
           This is a World Conspiracy...We don't know who to fight, who's doing what, who's on our side....

    Is the military loyal to the people? Don't count on it--they are in the pockets of the corporations that feed them weapons.
           No, we have been had. We have ourselves to blame--those of us who never vote, who don't care....
          God help Us...

    Richard Johnsen

  • Its nice to see a paper publish an article that points to the question of whether what happened was allowed to happen. Even Bush's statement to the effect that if he had known they would use the planes as bombs he would have stopped it points in that direction.
           Many lies have been told about the events of that day. It's hard to imagine that lies would be told about what Bush knew and did that day, but they were. They were even posted on the White House web page. They also told lies about Air Force One being a target, although, according to the Washington Post series, Cheney couldn't even provide air cover. They told lies about the White House being a target. Cheney didn't even go to his post in the Presidential Command Center until just minutes before the Pentagon was hit, so obviously [the White House] wasn't a target.
           No one has explained that with the planes being tracked by airline dispatchers, the FAA, air controllers, NORAD, and the National Control Center, why none of the first three planes was intercepted. Nor is there any explanation of why this is not being investigated. In fact, the General in charge of NORAD is being promoted to head up the new Northern Command.
           As to the real proof that there was foreknowledge--the stock and options transactions--that investigation has been either closed down or silenced . Even the revelation that a West Coast investor indicted for fraud tried to sell off his children's trust funds the day before and that he had an FBI agent working for him has received little press and no congressional attention.
           It's interesting that today's business news is all about Martha Stewart and her 3,900-plus shares sold on insider knowledge being investigated by congress. Yet the bigger problem--stocks and options worth allegedly hundreds of millions being manipulated just prior to 9-11--remains unsolved and ignored by congress.. They aren't even investigating why the CIA's early warning stock monitoring system failed.
           So this may be our Reichstag fire..

    R.E. Reynolds
    Orange Park Fl

  • Terrific article finally pointing out just a few of the scandalous aspects of Bush's motivations since Sept. 11. Bush really was lucky on that day, as his presidency was in deep trouble and he was considered illegitimate by at least half the country. Sept. 11 legitimized him and freed him to push his disastrous agenda under cover of war. Our deficit is worsening by the day, Social Security has been robbed, and domestic issues like the environment are considered irrelevant in "wartime." Bush's comment of "Lucky me, I hit the trifecta" was dead serious, and not a joke.

    Greenville, WI

  • Bravo to the Baltimore Chronicle for having the courage to post this article!
           As a New Yorker I have been especially disgusted by President Bush and his hand-picked audiences smirking and chortling over the death of thousands of my neighbors--especially when immediate action on his part would have saved HUNDREDS of lives in the South Tower and if the Pentagon had taken appropriate action in the first minutes of the assault.
           But no, he sat in a second grade classroom while the second plane struck and the third plane made its way to Washington. And when he took action, what did he do? He "got out of harm's way." Pathetic. If the innocents in the South Tower and Pentagon understood the nature and intent of this attack--which Bush and senior members of his administration certainly did know--they would not have died that horrible morning.
           His "trifecta" lie pales in comparison to his utter failure to act when action was most needed. But, it's a start.
           Will the Baltimore Chronicle have the courage to ask: WHY?
           Again, thanks for publishing this. But don't stop here.

    Jeff Matson

  • How Bush Hit the 'Trifecta' on 9/11--and the Public Lost Big-Time":
           This was an excellent article. Please investigate more.

    Robert Mikol
    Juneau, Alaska

  • How Bush Hit the 'Trifecta' on 9/11--and the Public Lost Big-Time":
           The [Trifecta] article is excellent. More journalists and& citizens need to speak up to what is obvious, but many are afraid to say--the Bush administration definitely had motive to allow 9-11 to happen. It is time that we demand a full accounting.
           As Brad Carlton says: "Outrageously, the public is now being told that there aren't sufficient votes in Congress to approve an investigation by a blue ribbon panel. The alternative intelligence committee investigation is only pro forma public anesthesia. It will not do: the committee's oversight role potentially implicates its own members. To clear up all doubts, there must be an independent, public inquiry. It is well past time to insist on a return to open government. "

    Willoughby Thorn

  • "How Bush hit the Trifecta" by Brad Carlton is a great article. It gave me the creeps the way Bush started and then built on his raiding Social Security excuses. Just weeks BEFORE 9/11 Bush added war to his list. I remember thinking how strange and creepy that was. I hope someone will research the evolution of Bush's SS raiding excuse evolution. First he said he wouldn't touch SS during the campaign. Then sometime after inauguration he added recession. Then around 2-6 weeks before 9/11 he added war. I think National Emergency came a long time after the recession comment and just before war was added.

    Meg G. M.
    Corpus Christi, TX

  • Thank you for being brave enough to print the truth. We must not trust this unelected person in the White House.

    Wayne Barber
    Waldorf, MD 20601

  • Tell me that the scenario Brad Carlton paints is contrived, pure fiction, and has not one shred of truth to it--for were it true, it would be beyond comprehension, it would indeed be "sickening to contemplate intentionally looking the other way while terrorists scheme so that whatever havoc they wreak can provide raid Social Security."
           Tell me it is not true that there is "far more damaging information that has not yet been disclosed about the government's knowledge of and inaction over events leading up to Sept. 11." Tell me that the pre-9-11 intelligence failures were just human goofs, that the FBI's refusal to get a warrant to look at Moussaoui's hard drive and its failure to follow up on many other obvious leads were not because someone was being told to deny that request, to not follow up on those other leads.
           Tell me none of this is true, for were it true, it would indeed be too sickening to contemplate. Fortunately, in a free society, we can take comfort that the truth will inevitably come out, for then and only then will all this speculation be put to rest. We can take further comfort that in a free society, the Fourth Estate has traditionally kept the public informed in some semblance of the spirit of the Pulitzer Credo.

    Joel Petty

  • I couldn't believe the link to this editorial at I had to click on the link and read the entire commentary. Someone in the press actually saying that Bush deserves at least a LITTLE scrutiny for his part in the failures regarding 9/11? Is this possible? I thought ALL of the press had agreed to give the pResident a free ride on 9/11, Enron, using Daddy's influence to bump others from the Texas ANG, going AWOL from that same ANG, allegations of cocaine abuse, the Afghan oil pipeline, etc. I was also under the impression that our press had abandoned the concept of informing the public in their attempts to suck up to their Bush-lovin' corporate bosses. But Mr. Carlton and the Baltimore Chronicle restores a little faith that maybe--just maybe--there might be some journalists who choose to have inquiring minds for something more than Bill Clinton's zipper.
           Thank you for making my day!

    Laurie A. Josue
    San Antonio, TX

  • Bravo for the Brad Carlton's Speaking Out column on Bush's trifecta! It needed to be said and too few are saying it.

    Beverly Nelson

  • I commend you for having the courage to speak out against the Bush administration and its manipulations of current conditions to create a climate of fear amongst American citizens, and profits for their own interests.
           In these days of lock-stepped media who can see no wrong with the Bushes, I must say you have shown remarkable cahones to actually opine against the current party platform.
           I agree with you; there must be an independent public inquiry into the events that allowed 9/11 to happen. I can only rejoice to read in your publication the words "It is well past time to insist on a return to open government."
           You may or may not be aware that the graduating members of Ohio State University were threatened with arrest on June 14 if they dared protest or interrupt G. W. Bush, who was the commencement speaker. Fn fact, several people, whose only crime was to stand up and turn their backs on Bush as he spoke, were indeed ejected from the stadium and charged with disturbing the peace.
           Our nation is rapidly becoming a police state. I congratulate you on having the foresight to see it, and the courage to speak out against it.

    Gil Christner

  • I would like to commend Brad Carlton for his piece titled "How Bush Hit the 'Trifecta' on 9/11." He is one of the few who has at least raised some of the questions that many of us have lingering in the back of our minds when it comes to how and why 9-11 happened.
           It seems that the mainstream media is afraid to ask the tough questions, which is really surprising, because by doing so at least we might get some answers. I don't believe all the conspiracy theories going around, and there are a lot of them being posted all over the internet. At the same time I wonder: How hard can it be for this administration to address these questions if there is no truth to them?
           But instead, the White House criticizes anyone who dares even question them, without answering any questions--and instead demonizing those who ask. I want to tip my hat to Brad Carlton for at least asking the questions--and maybe if enough journalists will join him in asking the tough questions, maybe we'll get some answers.

    Randy Williams

  • Most excellent!! More! More! More! Lord Bush and his whole entourage need to go down for treason!

    B. Grifola

  • Bravo! Bravo!....It's a sad time indeed when one feels compelled to immediately "reward" any journalist, furthermore, any newspaper in this country for speaking up. I won't bemoan the current state of repressed know as well if not better than we how bad it really is. Please....continue to publish the sort of columns/articles that reflect the cool logic and courage so evident in Brad Carlton's column.

    Thank you,

    Alexandra Daugherty

  • God Bless Brad Carlton for daring to speak a little truth in this sea of spin we are collectively drowning in. And God bless you for having the guts to actually print/post it. Mr. Rove will be gunning for you and Mr. Ashcroft will fume about aiding and abetting, but to me you are the TRUE patriots.

    Thanks again,

    Geoff DeWan

  • The sad thing about it all is that none of you have unearthed the actual hierarchy of the Bush people. Bush himself is only a puppet, a mouthpiece, and he can lie with impunity because he is so clueless that he won't ever know that he is lying.
           You MUST find the center of power, the place the wizard hides; you MUST find it because that is the metastatic center for the cancer growths which have spread all over the government and threaten not only the USA but the entire world.
           I don't give one single Democrat a free pass either; many of them act for all the world as if they have been bought and paid for just like the five Supreme Court Justices who have been corrupted by the Bush people. A few Republicans seem at least to perceive the danger inherent in the kind of power they have amassed, people like Specter, Shelby, McCain . . . so this isn't a political thing, it's a power thing, and it's a coup thing, and it's a fascism thing, and it's the Fourth Reich if you and the rest of the semi-honest media don't get cracking with the TRUTH, for a change.

    S. Kent Snedegar
    Pensacola, FL

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