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The cost of borscht set has decreased in Ukraine: what is the reason

 In Ukraine it has decreased cost of borscht set: what is the reason

The increase in the number of vegetables influenced the decrease in price.

There is no shortage of vegetables this year, and prices for vegetable borscht set are reduced. Carrots, onions, cabbage, and beets will become cheaper until the new harvest is harvested.

This was reported by the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Taras Vysotsky.

The increase in the number of vegetables influenced the decrease in prices. That is why prices for vegetables have decreased to optimal levels and are approaching, according to Taras Vysotsky, production costs.

Part of the price reduction was influenced by favorable weather – warm and not dry in most regions. Thanks to positive expectations of a large harvest, the cost of inventories also becomes lower, but the price range may not change significantly.

In general, the cost of vegetables may change by 10-15% taking into account consumer inflation, but a sudden increase or decrease in price by 50 You should not expect -60% this season.

Due to warm weather, an increase in the supply of early vegetables, as well as the limited purchasing power of Ukrainians, prices for early vegetables began to decline. Tomatoes, cucumbers, cube-shaped peppers, and early cabbage began to fall in price.

Recall that in Ukraine there is a decrease in tomato prices. This happened due to a decrease in the sales of Turkish tomatoes and an increase in the supply of this vegetable on the market.


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