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The “єCherga” service for buses was launched on the border with Romania

From today, May 10, the registration service for a specific border crossing time in accordance with the traffic schedule for passenger carriers has become available at four checkpoints with Romania. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Development of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine.

The “єCherga” service for buses was launched on the border with Romania

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“Passengers on buses passing through the border with Romania will be able to cross the border on time without queues. To do this, within the framework of the “єCherga” service, international carriers will be able to choose the border crossing time for the bus,” the ministry said.

We are talking about both regular and irregular routes.

On Which checkpoints does the system work

The “єCherga” service operates at four checkpoints with Romania:

    “Dyakovo – Halmeu”, “Krasnoilsk – Vozraznaya de Sus”, “Dyakovtsi – Rakovets” , “Orlovka – Isakcha”.

Registration for a new type of queue called “According to Schedule” for the specified checkpoints began on May 10 at 12:00. Direct bus service according to the new registration will start on May 11 at 12:00.


From April 25, the ability to choose the time of crossing the border is available at 10 checkpoints with Moldova. In addition, the border crossing at the Yagodin – Dorogusk checkpoint with Poland takes place without queues.

In general, during the operation of the “єCherga” service for buses, more than 73 thousand buses crossed the border according to online registration.< /p>


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