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How exactly Navalny was killed: Gudkov told how what really happened

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Russian opposition politician Gennady Gudkov claims that a blood clot could not have caused the death of Alexei Navalny, since his death was the result of murder.

Gudkov reported this information in an interview with Golovanov’s YouTube channel, reports URA-Inform “.

To Vasily Golovanov’s question about whether Navalny can be considered a «black swan» Putin, Gudkov answered in the affirmative, but he indicated that the consequences of the death of the Russian opposition leader will be visible over time.

He believes that protests in Russia will become inevitable, but this will not happen immediately. Gudkov claims that, according to intelligence data, Navalny was definitely killed, and his death was a violent deprivation of life.

According to Gudkov, he did not die from exhaustion, but from a deliberate act, which can be called premeditated murder or reprisal.

Next Gudkov suggested that Navalny was killed in this way: he was specially hidden for a month to observe the reaction of society, and then starved to weaken his body. In his opinion, it could be a poison with an accumulating effect. He believes that such actions will lead to inevitable consequences.

Remember, this year is a turning point – Zelensky made a statement about how the war will end.

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