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How much poison is contained in the human body: scientists surprised with the answer

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Scientists said that the human liver produces about two liters of poison daily.

This information was reported Elegantwoman, reports URA-Inform.  

Scientists believe that the body of modern man is saturated with poisons no less than his ancestors. During the study of human remains, their tissues and bones, it was discovered that they contain cyanide, mercury and many other poisons.

Previously, scientists were surprised by what happened to the residents of the Argentine village of San Antonio de los Cobres. The peasants drank water that contained 80 times more arsenic than normal.

After examining these people, it turned out that the Argentines were in good health. Genetics have attributed this to the fact that the villagers have a gene mutation, which helped them adapt to a lethal dose of poison.

Experts also believe that bile, necessary for digesting human food, contains at least two liters of poison . At the same time, they note that even a milligram of the salt of this bile, if it enters the bloodstream, can cause the death of a person.

However, fortunately, nature has given people a protective mechanism against their own poison. In particular, biochemical processes instantly neutralize toxins after performing their function.

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