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Is it possible to drink expired beer: doctors gave an ambiguous answer

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This information was reported by the telegram channel “Health Blog”, reports “URA-Inform”.

Like many products, beer has an expiration date, and its quality can be affected by external factors such as bacteria, sunlight and oxygen.

Bacteria entering the drink can cause oxidation, changing the taste of the beer. For example, the malt flavor of a dark beer can take on hints of rotten fruit when oxidized, and a light beer can lose its characteristic tones, becoming like a drink with notes of cardboard flavor.

However, the ability to drink expired beer depends on the type of beer and conditions of its storage. Regular varieties available in stores are usually pasteurized, giving them a shelf life of 6-8 months. Even after this period, the beer usually remains safe to drink, although its taste may change.

It is important to note that proper storage plays a key role in maintaining the freshness of the beer. Under optimal conditions, beer can remain suitable for consumption for about a year after the expiration date.

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