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The 95th quarter got into another scandal: the public found out what was staged in the speech

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This information was reported by “Country Politics”, citing the social networks of the daughter of one of the performers, reports “URA” -Inform.”

Accusations flew into their address for using the song by Vyacheslav Khursenko «Sokolyata» without appropriate permission. Maria Khursenko, the daughter of the author of the song, spoke about this in her post on Facebook, attaching a video with a parody from «Kvartal 95».

«I don’t want my page to be polluted by this, but many thought that I gave my consent to this complete degradation and distortion of the song… It's a shame that our humorous culture has been brought down to such a low level… How could one come up with the idea of ​​combining this with a historical work?», — she noted.

Khursenko also claimed copyright infringement and contacted representatives of the public organization & #171;Ukrainian Agency for Copyright and Related Rights». In her appeal, she expressed dissatisfaction with how her father’s work was used without proper permission and with a distortion of its original meaning.

Recall that Kabaeva was at an “almost naked” party: will the athlete be punished (photo) .

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