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The Russian Federation has problems in the production of missiles: British intelligence revealed the reason

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The Russian Federation is having problems producing serviceable AS-23a KODIAK air-launched missiles (NATO marking — X- 101, X-102).

This information was reported by a report from the British Ministry of Defense, reports URA-Inform.  

It is with this weapon that the aggressor country is hitting the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

British intelligence drew attention to a photo from open sources dated March 31, 2024, where rocket debris is visible, fallen into a field in the Saratov region. As analysts suggest, the found debris turned out to be parts of the X-101 or X-102 missile.

«It is very likely that the debris is the result of a missile malfunction, which was launched towards Ukraine earlier this morning», — British analysts reported.

The British Ministry of Defense also recalled that the Engels airfield is located in the Saratov region, where several Russian strategic aviation bombers are based.

«There is a high probability that the malfunction of such a prestigious missile indicates problems in its production, likely caused by sanctions and haste», — British intelligence added.

We recall that it was previously reported that Ukraine would join NATO: the United States announced a condition.

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