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What can force Putin to end the war: the expert voiced the only condition

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Journalist and expert Vitaly Portnikov explained that he can force Putin to end the war against Ukraine.

This information was reported by Tsn, URA-Inform reports.  

He noted that even if the Ukrainian armed forces manage to liberate a significant part of the territory from the enemy or stop the advance of Russian troops, this does not guarantee the end of the war.

According to Portnikov, the end of the war depends not from changes in territorial borders, but from political conditions that will force the Russian leadership to reconsider its plans and strategies, as well as think about the future of its own power and state.

The expert emphasized that the prerequisites for ending the war occur only when both sides suffer from the war, and not just one. It is important to create conditions that will make the aggressor understand that the continuation of hostilities threatens its own security and stability.

«We need a real invitation to NATO. The real guarantee that if Russia continues its offensive on the territory of Ukraine, it will be threatened with a nuclear conflict, and not the statements of the NATO Secretary General or the President of the United States. Because these statements are not very interesting to Vladimir Putin. By the time the Western political elite lives in the paradigms of the past, and the Ukrainians themselves live in illusions about how the war should end, Putin has a wide path to continue hostilities indefinitely,” Portnikov concluded.

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