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What Doctor Komarovsky orders on iHerb

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For almost two years of close cooperation with the iHerb online store, Evgeny Komarovsky, known to many as Doctor Komarovsky, not only continues to share his professional experience, but also reveals his personal preferences in choosing products for the health and well-being of the family. Dr. Komarovsky emphasizes that his cooperation with iHerb is based on personal beliefs and the fact that he really finds the products offered useful and uses them in everyday life.

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Greetings, friends! Those who follow our work are probably aware that we have been working closely with the iHerb online store for almost 2 years now. And so, the guys from this online store asked me to record a video about what I personally, not as a doctor, but as Uncle Zhenya Komarovsky, choose for myself and for my family in the iHerb online store. I want to assure you that if I collaborate with someone, it is only on the condition that I personally like it and am ready to use it. As a matter of fact, I analyzed what I personally order for myself in the iHerb online store and want to share with you. That is, my 10 products from the iHerb online store.

Come on, give me a magic box. As a matter of fact, today I will not immediately take everything out of the box. I will take out one item at a time and talk about it. Go!

Aveeno, 1% hydrocortisone cream and Aquaphor hydrocortisone ointment

Product number one — This is Aveeno hydrocortisone ointment, a drug that should be in every medicine cabinet. One percent hydrocortisone ointment is represented in iHerb by a huge number of trade names. I show you two positions that inspire confidence in me, and the effect has been verified. That is, this is what should be in every first aid kit, in an emergency kit. This is in my house, in the children's house. Any insect bites, itching, in short, there’s no way around it. Once again, number one — Aveeno hydrocortisone cream.

Carmex lip cream

Lip cream Carmex — a very necessary thing, really in any frost, dry air, heat, any irritation on the lips. Moreover, this is a thing that is very, very convenient, inexpensive, you can buy 10 pieces at a time and scatter it in all places. That is, it is in the glove compartment of the car, in the travel first aid kit, in the pocket of a winter jacket, in a box that I take with me on fishing trips, both summer and winter. Lip balm.

California Gold Nutrition, assorted bars

Further, we even made a video about this, about healthy snacks. This is a set of snack bars. It’s a cool thing to drink coffee while fishing with a bar or just take it with you when you need a snack. They have a bunch of different flavors there. To be honest, I like it best with coconut, but I’m showing the packaging, where there are just different flavors, and people who try it will choose which flavor they like best. Delicious bars, number three.

Banana Boat, sunscreen lotion

My fourth favorite product — This is sunscreen. I tried a bunch, this option is my favorite. Well first of all, why? Large packaging, really very convenient consistency, the children are happy, I like it too. Now, when you use this, you immediately begin to understand that you can’t save it. Plus, two main ingredients — zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are recommended by all health organizations as the main components of sunscreens. So, sunscreen, product number four.

NOW Foods, Solutions, toothpaste

Now, the whole family's favorite toothpaste. I won’t say the name, but everyone liked it. Firstly, this, you know, specific family packaging, you won’t regret it. By the way, there are different tastes. But this is a classic mint taste, very cool, try it — you will not regret. Product number five, my favorite toothpaste.

Neutrogena, hand cream

Hand cream according to the recipe of Norwegian sailors — for me the number one choice for protection from frost and wind. I can’t imagine, lately, well, the last three years, if I went ice fishing or we went for a walk somewhere in the winter, I don’t use it, so I don’t use this cream. That is, it really works, it’s especially great to lubricate your hands before going out into the cold. Well, in short, it works great. By the way, I strongly recommend this packaging, it’s convenient to take with you, it’s suitable for children, suitable for men, suitable for women. In short, a great universal cream. Moisturizing, intensely hydrating that works as a protectant. Frost, wind, dampness, cold, just what you need.

Spices from CGN (California Gold Nutrition)

Please note that what I am showing you does not necessarily have to be related to medicine. For example, I am delighted with the spices from CGN. For example, this is turmeric, this is peas, this is red chili pepper. Turmeric, for example, is my favorite recipe — fry fish. Turmeric plus flour is also a breading for fish. In short, CGN actually has a ton of spice. I didn’t even specially order, I took what was currently in the house, so I’m bragging. Position number, spices from CGN.

Twinings Tea

For many, many years, Twinings tea has been my favorite. This is what I use, showing two of my favorite options, but there are a bunch of others, you can try them all. I just caught myself that while buying tea, in our area, several times I ran into some completely outright nonsense, it seemed like it was being counterfeited somewhere. iHerb sends, well, no complaints. I like it, position number eight, great tea. There are many positions, you drink green, there is green, there is fruity, there is decaffeinated. In short, choose which one you like. I'm showing what I use most often.

Xlear, nasal spray

Next, moisturizing the nose, of course, Xlear nasal spray. By the way, have you seen him? I showed it in a program on this topic. This is an ideal option, it really works, moisturizing and cleaning the nose. By the way, there is this for adults, there are drops for children. I show you, draw the right conclusions. In winter, without hydration, again, when you go outside, go into a crowd where there are a lot of people, come to the office, this is not only an option for hydration, it is also protection, reducing the risk of ARVI infection.

California Gold Nutrition Electrolyte Drink Mix

This is a gorgeous powder that I use to make my hydration product. I use it when it's hot, but I use it more often when I exercise. That is, this is an ideal option to ensure replenishment of fluid losses and electrolyte losses. This box contains a special measuring spoon, like this, here, two spoons like this — This is half a liter of liquid. This box lasts a very long time. Here, for example, there is a pleasant citrus taste. Well, there are tons of flavor options, this is what I use.

As a matter of fact, guys, I showed you 10 products from iHerb that I personally use. Surely you have your own products that you like, and of course, you will share this in the comments. But what I recommended to you is definitely cool. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested. There are specific links in the description of this video. And, of course, remember about the Komar promo code, which will give you a huge discount. Maybe you’ll even have time to organize a gift for the Christmas tree. My experience shows that it all comes from America on average from seven to 8 days. For at least the last year and a half, the maximum waiting time for an order was 8 days. So, draw the right conclusions.

List of links for ordering

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  • Aquaphor, hydrocortisone ointment
  • Carmex, lip balm
  • California Gold Nutrition
  • Banana Boat sunscreen lotion
  • NOW Foods, Solutions
  • Neutrogena, hand cream
  • California Gold Nutrition, spices
  • Twinings, Earl Gray Black Tea, Decaf
  • Twinings, English Breakfast Tea
  • Xlear, Nasal Spray
  • California Gold Nutrition, Electrolyte Drink Mix
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