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The DBR announced the preparation of a campaign to discredit him in the Dubinsky case

A criminal organization plans to spread false information to discredit the evidence of the investigation.

Dubinsky during the SN party congress

Members of a criminal organization, suspected of high treason, of which people's deputy Dubinsky was a member, are preparing a large-scale media campaign against the State Bureau of Investigation special operation to discredit.

“On instructions from the Russian special services, they plan to spread fakes about the progress of the pre-trial investigation against them, talk about alleged political persecution, etc.,” the Bureau reported.

< p>They also noted that due to dubious sources in the media, it is planned to disseminate false and “distorted” information to level out the facts proven by the investigation and the evidence obtained.

In November of this year, the DBI, together with the SBU, exposed a criminal organization created by the deputy head of the Russian GRU, Vladimir Alekseev, as an agent network operating in Kyiv. The operational leadership of the enemy group from the territory of the Russian Federation was carried out by his deputy, Alexey Savin.

The group, in addition to Dubinsky with the call sign Buratino, included ex-National Deputy Andrei Derkach, who, on the eve of the full-scale invasion, fled for border. This former MP is already suspected of treason.

This intelligence network also included former prosecutor Konstantin Kulik. He had the call sign “Bird” and is now hiding from justice abroad. During information sabotage against Ukraine, Kulik was publicly engaged in pseudo-legal “justification” of fakes in favor of the Kremlin.

The subversive activities of the criminal organization in Kiev were coordinated by Derkach’s ex-assistant, a former employee of the game during the Soviet Union Igor Kolesnikov >, who has already been convicted and is serving a sentence for treason.

Alekseev and Savin, as well as Derkach and Kulik also received suspicions of treason and the creation and participation in a criminal organization.

It has been established that, at the direction of the Russian special services, they organized events to discredit the image of Ukraine in the international arena in order to worsen diplomatic relations with the United States and complicate Ukraine's entry into the European Union and NATO.

The pre-trial investigation continues . .

Ukrainians are urged to trust only official sources of information, carefully check the facts and be sure to contact government authorities.

On December 27, the preventive measure was left unchanged for MP Alexander Dubinsky. The court's decision cannot be appealed. He remains in jail.


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