• 22/02/2024 00:15

Novorossiysk says about vibrations and robot PPO

Near Novorossiysk (Krasnodar region of the Russian Federation) this evening, 4 pm, the moons were shining, Why in the sky above the place a standing figure rose. Rosiyani Talk about the robot of the wretched defense through the NIBITO RAKTETU.

about the CTI RBC-Ukrainian, to the Moscovy Pabriki TEELGRAM channel. appeared close to ten o'clock in the evening.

Also on the Internet, a photo of us walking over the place was widely circulated. As the TG channel “Crimean Wind” wrote, the corresponding light was taken from Novorossiysk “like shanavalniks.”

“It seems that they were firing at a Ukrainian missile, but until then, unwittingly, they shot it down on target,” the source said.

In the meantime as soon as possible about the work of the PPO and Vibuhi in Novorossiysk through a missile strike.

“There is a missile attack on Novorossiysk. Vibuhi. The PPO works,” write local publics.

Representatives of the authorities of the Krasnodar region and Novorossiysk Zokrema There is still no comment on the evening “bavina” at the locality.

The news is being updated…

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