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The TCC terror on the streets discredited the idea of ​​mobilization, – the defender of the head of the Defense Committee of the Rady

The forceful method has no respect for various mobile applications and discredits the very essence of mobile izatsii. This needs to be emphasized, if there are any alternatives.

About this, the commentary of RBC-Ukraine said the intercessor of the head of the Supreme Committee for the sake of national security, defense and intelligence, Egor Chernev.

“Terrorism of the TCC on on the streets, discrediting the idea of ​​mobilization, lowering the morale of the community and undermining the unity of the state. This is stated most clearly,” he said.

Behind his words, there is a need for real and effective no alternative. “Above this nutrition, we are keeping an eye on it and we are working,” said the people’s deputy.

As stated in the material, one of the “effective alternatives” is respected by the Radya as the electronic order of the day. This option is being discussed today during the process of preparing the draft law on mobilization. On the one hand, this initiative is aimed at bringing back the TCC police officers to conduct street raids. On the other hand, it will be important to acknowledge the fact that the agenda has been withdrawn.

Zelensky’s position

It seems likely that President Volodymyr Zelensky called the TCC’s forceful methods unpleasant during the hour of mobilization.

Vin stated that the Idlovu conscripts on the streets because of the stagnation or not the correct ones.

“It’s not their fault to work, so I also asked for a bill to be created so that this would not happen. With the possibilities of digitalization, we can find food right now,” Zelensky added .

New bill on mobilization

It seems that the 30th government re-introduced the bill on mobilization, the military structure and the passage of military service to the Supreme Court.

Among the proposals, the order would like to agenda of the military were forced through the electronic account of the conscript, and those who did not show up were deprived of their rights.

Read more about the new bill on mobilization in the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

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