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“Feedback from soldiers is very important to us”: 'The Ministry of Defense showed how the military is testing floating body armor

The floating module can withstand the weight of not only military equipment, but also additional equipment of 27 kilograms.

/p> The Ministry of Defense is testing floating body armor for the Navy

The Ministry of Defense continues to test two samples of floating modules: from a Ukrainian and a foreign manufacturer. They are being developed specifically for the navy, pontoon boats, special operations forces, and some special units of the airborne assault forces.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

The floating module is attached to the body armor and can withstand the weight not only military, but also additional equipment weighing 27 kilograms.

“If such a body armor falls into the water, the air cushion is automatically inflated and lifts the fighter to the surface,” noted Alexander Sharko, chief specialist of the Central Directorate for the Development of Material Support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

"We feel better important feedback from soldiers

The Ministry of Defense is testing floating body armor for the Navy

Now the Central Directorate is conducting a survey of soldiers who tested body armor.

“Feedback from soldiers is very important to us. After such tests, we receive important information from testing groups. This allows us to improve products so that the Ukrainian army receives ammunition that creates advantage over the enemy army,” added Sharko.

  • At the beginning of March, the Ministry of Defense announced that it was starting to test special modular body armor for the needs of the Navy and engineering troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.The peculiarity of such body armor is that upon contact with water, a special module reacts and the body armor acts as a life-saving one.
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