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In Chernigov, they were warned about possible Russian strikes on critical infrastructure

Russian military are apparently planning attacks on critical infrastructure in Chernobyl Nіgovi. Residents are asked not to ignore anxiety and adhere to a number of rules.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine through a message on Telegram from the head of the Chernihiv Medical Academy Dmitry Brizhinsky.

“The enemy is planning to strike at a critical infrastructure”, – ahead of vin.

What kind of objects are we talking about?

Critical infrastructure facilities, according to the MBA head, are reported to:

  • TV and radio broadcasting;
  • thermal power plants;
  • gas stations;
  • administrative bodies of power and others.

How they behave

In connection with this, behind the words of Brizhinsky, in times of sudden anxiety, it is not varto to ignore the current anxiety and go into hiding.

“Avoid the place of buying up people and do not be in charge of critical infrastructure facilities,” – pleased the wine.

Shelling of Chernigov and the region

Russian armies are steadily shelling the border areas of Chernigov gіvskaya region, also not alone The Russian DRGs tried to break through the cordon.

The shelling of Chernigov was not uncommon. For example, on the 17th quarter the Russian occupiers attacked Chernigov with missiles. Almost 80 people were injured, and another 18 people died.

The same firemen fired at Chernihiv and near Berezna in 2022. Then 10 people died.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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