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Nearby. Why are the shootings of Ukrainian troops on the side of the Russian Federation so frequent and what constitutes genocide?

the remaining hour for the front. Kovikh, Yaki was poisoned to Rosighi Polon. As new videos expand, law enforcement officers open criminal investigations, and Ukraine seeks international assistance.

A report about this and about the methods by which Russia commits military atrocities right on the battlefield, – from the materials of RBC-Ukraine .

During the preparation of the material, the following was taken into account: the statement of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights Dmitry Lubints, Facebook of the 110th mechanized brigade named after him. General-Horon Mark Bezruchka, interview with the head of the department of the Office of the Prosecutor General to counteract the evils in the minds of the violent conflict, Yuri Belousov for Radio Liberty, comments from experts Oleksandr Musienko and Oleksandr Kovalen ka.


What is known about the outbreaks in Donbass and in the Zaporizhzhya region

Last weekend, there was a video of the shooting of the Ukrainian military, which was reported at full. Footage from a drone shows a group of occupiers shooting at unarmed soldiers. The men raised their hands above their heads as a sign that there was a stench.

According to the words of the Verkhovna Rada for the sake of human rights, Dmitry Lubints, there were 24 deaths in the Bakhmut district (Donetsk region).

“In the video that we were able to watch, it is clear that the Ukrainian military is being built in full: their hands were raised up in the air, the stinks showed that they were unarmed and did not pose a threat. The Russians barely took them from the full, but then they mercilessly shot them,” he said.

He also clarified that the exact number of dead is unknown, but, most likely, there were at least seven of them. Lubinets added that the Ukrainian side knows which military units are subject to military mischief. According to the data of the Ukrainian project DeepState, there could be not just this, but nine victims.

As stated by the prosecutor's office, the Russians shot the Ukrainians during the assault on the position between the villages of Ivanivske and Khromov. The prisoners were ordered to leave the trench, they were rounded up in one place and machine guns were fired at them. At the gydomalenni, the representations of the Country-Agresoru were wounded by thelessless vanine, and the norms of the norms of the subnoven law.

to the vip, the vipado is not loud, the deprivation of such buffers is stained with the deck. Before the incident near Bakhmut on the 18th of the fierce occupation, three army troops were shot near the village of Robotin near the Zaporizhzhya region. At the same time, a video of the massacre of two fighters after the assault near the village of Vesele (Bakhmut district) appeared. As the prosecutor's office reported, they were shot dead behind the scenes with an automatic armor.

And on February 18, a post appeared on the DeepState channel about the killing of six Avdiivka defenders at the Zenit position. Particular cynicism of the situation is added by those who were injured and were waiting for evacuation. As they stated at the 110th division of the mechanized brigade of the ZSU named after General-Horon Mark Bezruchka, leaving the position taking place in the minds of non-stop artillery strikes, aviation and FPV drones, including evacuation Lyakhakh.

Photo: one of the mass shootings stood at the Zenit position in Avdiivtsi (Getty Images)

During the rapid offensive of the Russians, the Zenit stronghold was destroyed, it was decided Contact the coordination center and organizations that conduct negotiations for the exchange of troops. As a result, it was decided that the wounded soldiers should receive additional help.

“The enemy informed the coordinators of this process that it would be possible to evacuate our wounded and give them help, and then exchange them. Our military services refused the order to save their lives. What happened in the future, we know foxes from hostile resources,” they added in the brigade and named the names five out of six dead.

According to Lubinets, the dialogue with the enemy is consistent with international laws and rules for the protection of captives.

“We had the ability to communicate with the Russian side. We had previously decided to officially take the wounded Ukrainian military personnel from the army, give them help, and then turn them back through the exchange procedure. Unfortunately, the Russian side later showed what kind of home ownership may not be lost “, – said Vin.

Vin also said that Ukraine is steadily suffering from the destruction of households and added: “We don’t know what to do with it.”

The tragedy of the village of Klishchivka near Bakhmut came to a head. In this case, as stated in the prosecutor's office, there is a video in which the commander of one of the Russian Federation's subdivisions gives an order not to take captives. After which, right from the start of the shootings, one unarmed fighter fought with his hands raised, while another had a grenade thrown at the dugout.

Anger, cynicism and genocide. Why do the Russians shoot the captives

Reliance on food, why the occupiers are no longer given, that they take the Ukrainian military from the captivity, and then dispose of them, reduce it to simple – for Russia there are no laws and rules, absolutely Shuya Lubinets.

“Not wanting to deprive them alive, the occupiers are deliberately killing off the Ukrainian prisoners… This is a serious international crime, for which there will be punishment,” he wrote on his Telegram.

Kerivnik to the Center for Military-Legal Investigations Oleksandr Musienko said that such incidents had happened before. But now it is common that the Russians do not reach their mark on the battlefield again.

“We need to understand that our enemy is extremely cynical and cruel. They are even evil through their expenses and are tempted to spill this aggression on the Ukrainian military, looking at the soldiers. last period, and before that, the stinks were extinguished,” – Rospov in RBC-Ukraine.

An increase in the number of executions of Ukrainians, which are complete, is evident since last autumn.

“We are aware of the growing trend of such declines, starting from the end of leaf fall in 2023. And this fate is simply massive. What is important is the Zaporizhzhya region, the Donetsk region,” said the head of the relevant department of the Office of the Prosecutor General, Yuriy Belousov.

And the expansion of video in social networks is seen as part of Russian policy to support Ukraine and try to weaken it against the military.

“What can we say about those who are part of the secret plan of the Russians to create genocide and impoverishment of the Ukrainian people. And about such episodes one cannot help but know the most important thing – both in Ukraine and politically,” he added.

In the opinion of the military-political observer of the “Information Against” group Oleksandr Kovalenko, it is necessary to be especially demonstrative.

“In order to bury our military in positions. Because the stinks (Russians – ed.) do not come out as quickly as they want, the stinks do not have the kind of victories that they want, so the stink vikors the moral and psychological pressure to dominate the Ukraine skymi military,” he told RBC-Ukraine.

Musienko adds that the demonstration of anger and aggression is aimed at demoralizing the Ukrainian Defense Forces. With this rank, the enemy is trying to provoke an increase in the number of “defenders” – people who are expected to endure military punishments.

On the other hand, the frequency of such incidents is influenced by the nature of military operations. In the rich villages, the Russians storm the positions by force, suddenly approaching our trenches and positions. Because of the negative result, there is a greater likelihood of wastage in the population.

“It’s a pity, it’s a pity for those of our military, who are afraid to surrender to the full, there’s no harm in the stench. Therefore, it’s crazy to be active there close combat, there are more such opportunities,” he explained.

Criminal inquiries and requests for assistance. How Ukraine reacts

These issues are subject to the internal laws of Ukraine. Law enforcement agencies destroy criminal records under Part 2 of Art. 438 of the Criminal Code – violation of laws and war, associated with intentional killing.

This article stipulates that severe violence against military and civilian populations, the hanging of civilians on Primus robots, the plunder of national values ​​in the occupied territory, the suppression of the defense of war, and so Punishments for such actions are punishable by a prison term of 8 to 12 years. Part of a friend – as all things are guessed are connected with a clever killing – on lines from 10 to 15 years or a day of liberation.

As a result of the large-scale invasion, 19 criminal charges were filed for the fact of killing 45 captives. Prosecutor Yuriy Belousov clarifies that these are the problems, as far as we know, but there are many more of them. Shootings were recorded from the first days of the great war, starting in the Chernihiv and Kharkiv regions. When looking at the copyright information, the information is not limited to Russian videos. The investigators work with the entire population, which can serve as information, as well as maintain data on the vessels on the territory of Russia.

“We have identified specific individuals for each of these types kiv… And the evidence of the Russian military… We have a lot of incidents like the ones that happened in Chernigov – we are already ready to go to trial before a former major of the Russian army, who was a strategist of the military in Berezny 2022 y,” said Vin.

Following the recent outbreaks, the investigation is currently collecting materials. New suspicions will be deafened in the near future. Ukraine is sharing information with partners, with the International Criminal Court, and is trying to get as many resources as possible from the country to show what is going on by adding Belousov.

Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin, in an interview with Reuters, said that 122 thousand military crimes that could have been committed by the Russian occupiers are being investigated. Over 500 cases were identified and 80 cases were brought. But through those that Moscow perceives the lack of quality, the number is increasing. Therefore, international assistance is needed in documenting, investigating and re-examining the ship's culprits.

For fixation, for example, the UN Monitoring Mission for Human Rights is transferred to the International Committee of the Chervony Khrest, which is endowed with a separate mandate. The Ukrainian side appeals to the violation of humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions, however, both the UN and Chervony Khrestya systematically ignore the facts.

“We are again reporting about war atrocities, and again – the same reaction,” criticized Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets.

Last year, we also wrote term sheets in order to record military atrocities and explain the circumstances of executions. Expert Oleksandr Kovalenko doubts that this will give the desired result.

“Chervony Khrest – one of the first organizations burned out, as it demonstrated its worthlessness and lack of spine,” he told RBC-Ukraine.

Significantly, the Convention on Military Welfare (one of several agreements , which respect the Geneva Conventions) conveys that the parties to the conflict are responsible for any circumstances humanely placed before the people who have laid down their weapons or have taken their part in combat operations due to injuries or otherwise and other reasons. They are protected from violence, torture, all types of beatings, calcification, etc.

In fact, from the moment a person raises her hands in the air and shows that she is working, she can enter into military force and be under the protection of the Convention. The document is valid under the jurisdiction of the Red Cross, and in 1993 the UN Security Council included it in the framework of fundamental international law, which made it binding not only for signatories, but also for other countries obtained before the conflicts .


According to the words of prosecutor Yuri Belousov, Russian commanders in the field do not neglect the practice of shooting prisoners, but, respecting everything, encourage them and, for everything, give direct punishments. RBC-Ukraine experts respect that it is impossible to influence the Russians in this plan.

“The stinks will be repaired the way the stinks are created. Such is their nature,” says Oleksandr Musienko.

In my opinion, Ukraine needs a technological breakthrough not only in order to improve the situation at the front, but also to reduce the presence of military forces in military positions. Perhaps, we would like to often help in the uniqueness of close combats.

“Intelligibly, apparently there, it will not be necessary to keep a large number of our drones in firing positions, whose positions can control drones or robotic ground systems , and the military – to practice remotely. This can be a way out to reduce the risk of wasting in full,” the expert added.

For terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine, read the channel and RBC-Ukraine in Telegram

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