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On the right is Grinkevich. How businessmen from Lvov “earned” millions in the army

At the end of 2023, the State Bureau of Investigation reported that a Lviv businessman had reached 500 thousand dollars of swag to their spivrobitnikov . As it turned out, we are talking about businessman Igor Grinkevich, whose companies appear in the criminal right regarding the purchase of the Ministry of Defense for the needs of the army.

How the tenders for clothes for the ZSU were successful for the they were busy until whom and who These are the Grinkevichs – from the materials of RBC-Ukraine.

Schemes for ZSU

On April 29, 2023, the State Bureau of Investigation was informed that one of the Kerivniks of the DBR branches had been given swag. The Lviv businessman paid 500 thousand dollars to the police officer of the Bureau of Higher Advice for those who were arrested. They caught a man right in the cafe, and they judged him, and he got caught. The money was sold there – 500 thousand dollars.

Lviv businessman's name is Igor Grinkevich. His family is involved in various enterprises that regularly took part in tenders of the Ministry of Defense. For example, the Bureau, which reported that a businessman was shopping for swag, also announced the destruction of criminal investigation into the theft of pennies for the purchase of uniforms for the ZSU.

“During the hour of investigation, it was established that before the end of the defense, the agreements were obtained under the control of the business of enterprises that were previously engaged in everyday life and a lot of necessary manufacturing, warehouse and other activities for the preparation and preservation The creation of a river mine for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. This led to a surplus in the budget for according to preliminary estimates for UAH 1.2 billion, and we are confidently expecting delivery,” said the DBR press release.

There are three companies associated with Grinkevich’s homeland – LLC “TRADE LINES RETAIL”, LLC “Budivelna Kompaniya SITIGRAD” and LLC “Budivelny Alliance MONTAZHPROEKT”. The DBR established that the businessman’s companies won 23 tenders from the Ministry of Defense for a total amount of 1.5 billion hryvnia. Six contracts were completely unconfirmed, and after these contracts, the businessman’s companies delivered goods in small quantities, although they took the money for them outright. All other contracts were terminated after a period of 3 to 5 months. The price of the product, based on the information from the investigation, was protected. Previously, the Bureau assessed the power of the state at 1 billion hryvnia.

It is noteworthy that all three companies that were previously engaged in everyday life, in 2023, reluctantly added a new type of activity – trade in textile goods and clothing. It is unknown by what authority the Ministry of Defense was allowed to conduct tenders for the purchase of clothing for the army. Journalists confirm that companies bought 40% of clothes from Turkey from the sovereign pennies, and 60% were withdrawn from the shadows. This information was not officially confirmed by law enforcement.

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Targeting Grinkevich (photo: DBR press service)

In addition to the tenders for uniforms for the army, the company from Grinkevich’s homeland, LLC TRADE LINES RETAIL, won the Ministry of Defense’s auction for the purchase of products for the self-propelled gun system for a maximum of one million hryvnia. The tender started at the fall of the leaves, and in the spring of 2023, the type of activity and beneficiaries changed dramatically in the enterprise – instead of the friend and daughter of Igor Grinkevich, Volodymyr Timkiv became the ruler of the kingdom.

Grinevich's enterprises have previously been ruined by scandals. One of them became available in 2021, when the company “Budevelny Alliance Montazhproekt”, which belongs to the sons of Igor Grinevich, took out a subcontract for the construction of the military training ground “Shiroky Lan” near the Mykolayiv region. The company decided not to get another subcontract, but the robots suffered the fate of a few company-made gaskets, after which the price for the work fell by 326 thousand hryvnia.

Crime, all three subprices Capacities , who were successful in bidding for the delivery of forms for the ZSU, are already involved in criminal proceedings. Already in early 2022, the Unified Register of Ship Decisions published the investigation of the National Police, which reveals that three companies of Grinkevich developed the Shakhrai scheme from the acquisition of cash for the purchase of brochures. non-vest and sholomov for ZSU.

“Naly koshti, rejected as illegal activity, are legalized by the highway in the territory of Ukraine and the countries of the European Union,” is available from the registry.

Igor Grinkevich was given a criminal record for the article for the dacha of swag, wine sit at the pre-trial detention center with the most possible exit under the checkpoint at about a million hryvnia. Yoma faces up to 8 losses of willpower. It is still unknown about those who will be handed over to the suspect for the fact of trading with the Ministry of Defense.

Reaction from the Ministry

The Ministry of Defense has not yet issued any extended comments due to the recent purchasing scandal. On the 8th, Minister Rustem Umerov stated that “the changes you see are worth changing.”

“Having requested an internal audit of the Ministry of Defense, it was updated by the General Inspectorate of the Ministry of Defense. They have already been identified. a lot of ruin – Over the last 4 months, there have been 10 billion fewer losses than previously. We react violently to all incidents. We work closely with law enforcement and special services,” he wrote on Facebook.

9 today, his defender, Vitaly Polovenko, spoke about the situation with the Grinkevichs, stating that all contracts established with his companies have been dissolved. It is significant that the tender for the purchase of products for the ZSU, installations from the company of the businessman 28 breasts, until it is released, is accepted in the Prozorro system about the price.

Also, it is still unknown about those from the Ministry of Defense who helped Grinkevich’s firms win at the auction and concluded contracts with them, which were then not negotiated. DBR investigators reported that they are verifying the identity of ex-military forces officers. It is significant that as of today, two large spies of the Ministry of Defense – Vyacheslav Shapovalov and Bogdan Khmelnytsky – are suspected of corrupt activities related to purchases for the ZSU. We are connected with the stench, the chemicals, with the Grinkevich companies, which is still unknown.

Public scandal

The information from the DBR about what Igor Grinkevich wanted to do in order to enforce the law enforcement of one million dollars of swag, evoked resonance and interest in the homeland of the businessman. The media space has already begun to talk about my dear Olga Shved, who boasted about her ride in the VIP carriage of “Ukrzaliznytsia”. Later journalists reported that Grinkevich’s homeland donated pennies for articles about the Swede. Before speaking, Olga Shved and her mother Svetlana Grinkevich run the company, which won the Ministry of Defense's bidding for the purchase of products for the ZSU.

Roman Grinkevich is the son of a businessman, a member of the firm “Budivelny Alliance MONTAZHPROEKT”, who also took part in the auction of the Moscow Region and figured in the scandal with Shirlan's life. It is named after the Ukrainian artist Sonya Morozyuk, whose exhibition “The Smear” was recently announced, only to be closed before the deadline. In the media space, it is important to describe Roman Grinkevich and his name, including great farms in the Kiev region, cars and beautiful roads.

The Grinkevich family also agreed to the BO “Blessed Fund “HOPE.UA”, which included a memorandum on cooperation with the Lviv Regional Council and OVA. Based on the agreement, the organization of Grinkevich and the Lviv Regional Council are planning to create a regional social center and rehabilitation of children. Head of OVA Maxim Kozitsky, responsive to the Grinkevichi scandal, he informed that the HOPE.UA foundation did not ask for any food.

Grinkevich at the signature of the trilateral memorandum with the Lviv Regional Council (photo: Facebook of the head of the Regional Council of Maxim Kozytsky)

“The project of justice needed in all minds. Restoration and repair work is 70% financed by “HOPE.UA”, by obtaining funds from foreign donors, and 30% by LOVA, by obtaining funds from the regional budget”, – indicating the vin.

Kozitsky added that the fund submitted to a grant from the Netherlands for 4 million dollars, and the donor funding transfers greater control over finances. thy memorandum.

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