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Planks and snow. The weather forecaster named the regions where rainfall will fall today

| Enu. Therefore, there may be rainfall, and sometimes wet snow will fall.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine, based on requests for forecast from forecaster Natalka Didenko on Facebook.

Rainstones, behind the scenes, according to the words of the forecaster, may be in the western regions of Ukraine, in some places “to cover” Vinnytsia, Zhytomyr and Kiev regions.

“Our territory is facing an influx of anticyclone, which will cause dry weather,” the forecaster said.

About the pull of the day 12th winter in Ukraine will be +4…+8 degrees, on the day up to +10, in Transcarpathia up to +12 degrees.

“The wind will be at times, uncomfortable. In most areas, near the drainage part, it is possible speed up to 15-20 m/s. Be careful!” – Didenko preceded.

In Kiev, Tuesday will be gloomy, in some places there will be slight falls.

“It’s almost +5 degrees today,” she added.

Weather for the next hour

The most comfortable weather forecast day, according to the forecaster, in the near future – 16 February. It will be warm and warm, +10…+16 degrees.

Weather in Berezny 2024 in Ukraine

As previously reported by the national weather forecaster Volodymyr Derkach, from the middle of Berezny 2024 the weather in Ukraine will rise because the temperature will rise I'll say it again fall, fall.

The rest of the month will be cold, there may be wet snow, and the temperature may drop to minus. The remaining days of the first month of spring will be warmer, but there will be no more spring warmth.

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