• 23/06/2024 20:45

Russia planned terrorist attacks near Kiev on May 9th. SBU has given in to provocations

The Russian GRU planned to carry out terrorist attacks near Kiev on May 9th. The Security Service of Ukraine avoided provocations.

RBC-Ukraine reports this from a comment sent by the river security service officer Artem Dekhtyarenok.

As the riverman says, the Head of the Intelligence Department of Russia was behind the planning of the terrorist attacks ii, more known as the GRU.

“The SBU tried to advance, the Vikonavians were caught up in the terrorist attack. They also collected an evidence base that irrevocably confirms the Russian trace,” said Dekhtyarenko.

The SBU promises to reveal the details of the special operation soon.

Other provocations of the Russians

It should be noted that the Russian regime has repeatedly attempted to carry out provocations in Ukraine, and not only in Kiev Evі.

In addition, Kremlin officials tried to attract Ukraine before the terrorist attack that took place at a shopping center near Moscow on March 22, 2024. The Ministry of Health of Russia stated that a “Ukrainian trace” had been discovered in the investigation. In this case, Moscow called the head of the SBU Vasyl Malyuk for accountability before the terrorist attack and demanded his arrest.

The SBU sharply criticized Russia and called the statements of the Russian MZS “worthless.”

Also, for Based on the data of the partisans, the Russian special services could plan provocations and terrorist attacks on the territory of the Russian Federation, in order to then attack Ukraine.

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