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The main thing for Monday, April 8: attacks on the Poltava region and Zaporozhye, enemy assault operations in six directions, a meeting of the Headquarters

Battles in the Bakhmut and Novopavlovsk directions, 48 military clashes, enemy shelling, special operation by the Main Intelligence Directorate in the Baltic Sea. How will the 775th day of a full-scale war be remembered?

The main thing for Monday, April 8: attacks on the Poltava region and Zaporozhye.

Shelling of the Sumy region on April 8 2024

On the evening of April 8, the Russian army struck the Poltava region.

“The enemy hit the civilian infrastructure within the Poltava community,” said the head of the Poltava OVA, Philip. Pronin.

He later reported that one person was killed as a result of an enemy strike on a civilian house. In addition, according to preliminary information, five people were injured, including three children. Another person was rescued from a neighboring house.

Almost midnight, Philip Pronin reported that the number of people injured as a result of the strike had increased to 10.

Today, April 8, the Russian The occupying army launched missile attacks on the Zaporozhye enterprise at about 12.30. Three people died.

This was reported by the head of the Zaporozhye Regional Police Department, Ivan Fedorov, and was also clarified by the Office of the Prosecutor General.

“The Russians again hit an industrial facility in Zaporozhye. 6 casualties are known. The consequences of the missile attack are being clarified,” Fedorov wrote.

Before that, he reported in telegram about explosions in the city.

Later, the Office of the Prosecutor General clarified that at about 12:30, servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces launched a missile attack on the infrastructure of Zaporozhye. The rocket hit one of the local businesses. As a result of the shelling, three civilians were killed and also wounded.

Today, the invaders carried out airstrikes in Sumy and also hit the region.

Under fire civilian infrastructure was hit.

The head of the Sumy MVA Alexey Drozdenko also said that the invaders hit the center of Belopolye with guided bombs.

A woman was killed, two more people were injured, one in serious condition. In addition, civilian infrastructure and vehicles were damaged.

Meanwhile, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that 48 military clashes occurred during the day.

In total, the enemy launched 3 missile and 76 air strikes, carried out 61 attacks from multiple launch rocket systems on the positions of our troops and populated areas. Russian terrorist attacks have unfortunately resulted in civilian deaths and injuries. Multi-storey and private houses, as well as other infrastructure facilities, were destroyed and damaged.

In the Bakhmut direction, the enemy carried out 8 attacks in the areas of Belogorivka settlements, Lugansk region; Verkhnekamennoe, Spornoe, Kleshchievka, Andreevka of the Donetsk region, where the enemy, with the support of aviation, tried to improve the tactical situation.

In the Novopavlovsk direction, the Defense Forces continue to contain the enemy in the areas of the settlements of Krasnogorovka, Georgievka, Novomikhailovka, where the enemy, with the support of aviation, tried 20 times to break through the defenses of our troops.

More details about the operational situation as of 18 :00 April 8 – in our news.

On April 8, President Vladimir Zelensky held the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

As stated in the message of the head of state on his pages on social networks, the main issue was the protection of Kharkov from Russian attacks and the opportunity to strengthen air defense and electronic warfare in the Kharkov region.

Also, according to Zelensky, there were reports from the military regarding the physical protection of energy facilities and the effectiveness of shooting down drones and missiles. “There will be separate tasks for our diplomats to work with partners for the sake of new air defense systems for Ukraine,” the President added.

In addition, at Headquarters, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexander Syrsky presented information on the situation at the main combat directions.

“We are holding our positions. The main thing now is effective logistics. Intelligence and special services are working on new steps to reduce Russia’s war potential,” Zelensky added.

International organizations were helpless to respond to the brutal executions Ukrainian prisoners of war by Russian occupiers. The Ukrainian side is still waiting for clear legal steps from the world, in particular, a tribunal or the opening of proceedings from the ISS.

The Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Dmitry Lubinets, stated this on Radio Liberty.

According to him, the United Nations Monitoring Mission only recently began recording such cases in its reports, and so far this has not happened did.

The Ukrainian side still expects that international organizations will not just condemn the Russians, but will take clear legal steps – open proceedings on the part of the ISS or create a tribunal. Due to the “toothless position” of international organizations, the executions of Ukrainian defenders continue.

GUR soldiers carried out a special operation in the Kaliningrad region, damaging the small rocket carrier “Serpukhov” in the Baltic Sea. This is stated in a message from the press center of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Moscow Region.

Due to a fire inside the missile ship, its communications and automation equipment was completely destroyed.

Intelligence officials add that restoring Serpukhov's combat capability will take a long time and promise a continuation of the “roar” in Russia.

Ukrainian hackers destroyed a data center used by enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex. According to LB.ua, this was a joint operation of the hacker group BLACKJACK and the SBU.

More than 10,000 legal entities contained their data in the OwenCloud.ru cloud service. These are enterprises of the Russian military-industrial complex, oil and gas, metallurgical, aerospace complexes, as well as telecommunications giants.

According to the editor's interlocutors, hackers destroyed more than 300 TB of data. These are 400 virtual and 42 physical servers that housed internal documentation, backup copies and other programs through which clients remotely managed production processes at enterprises.

“The destruction of the Russian cloud service was retribution for attack on the Ukrainian data center Parkovy in January of this year,” the interlocutors said.

The Ministry of Culture confirmed the status of “critically important during a special period” channels of the United News telethon.


As of February 2024, in Ukraine there were 143 enterprises in the field of culture and information policy that are “critically important”.

More details in the news .

The most complete picture of today is on our website. We hope that tomorrow there will be more good news.

Let's hold on and bring Victory closer!


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