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The new GES is no less. Kuleba Rospov, what is the total amount of frozen assets of the Russian Federation from Europe

The assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation are frozen in various foreign jurisdictions in the amount of over 300 billion dollars c. Only the assets that were “stuck” in France would have been recovered for the creation of the new hydroelectric power station in Kakhovskaya’s place.

Having written about this, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmytro Kuleba, transmits RBC-Ukraine with messages to his column for Politico.

“The Rosieki Activas of Franziy (1.48 billion daler) is a common for the Budіvnitsy new Gydroelektronets, the deputy of the Ukrainian Kakhovo Ges, Yaku Zrueninoval of the Minus Lit,” said Vin.

In addition, as a representative minister, the income from Russian assets held by the Belgian depositary Euroclear has accumulated only 2.56 billion dollars in 2022 and the first half of 2023.

“On how many pennies could be renewed “There are 1,223 medical facilities, including 384 hospitals and 352 outpatient centers, renovated or established by Russia. All this can happen as soon as the political will appears – and the hour for which infection will come. This will be costly.” , – adding Kuliba.< /p>

According to the head of the Ministry of Health, the frozen assets of Germany (6.5 billion dollars), Austria (1.8 billion dollars), Ireland (2 billion dollars) and Poland (1.13 billion dollars) will be sufficient to help revive over 3,500 damaged and constructed buildings, including 1,700 schools, over 1,000 kindergartens, and 586 universities.

“The current Russian assets of Great Britain (23 billion dollars), Luxembourg (6.8 billion dollars) and Switzerland (8.7 billion dollars) would be enough to satisfy Ukraine,” Kuleba specified.

Initiatives of Canada Belgium

Win also welcomed the actions that had previously been lived, “to make Russia pay.”

The Minister predicted that by 2022 Canada became the first country to praise the law that allows the transfer of assets, and the past fate at Belgium has taken the initiative to initiate the acquisition of foreign assets from Russian assets to help Ukraine.

“And the EU’s recent praise for the law on the reservation of non-transferred profits obtained from frozen assets of the Russian central bank, and the first real block to the recovery of Russian assets for the financing of the modernization of Ukraine,” added Kuleba.

In in addition to the chair that was confiscated Russian assets, “other lands may think, first of all, to live with such acts of aggression.”


Kuleba also specified that, together with the remaining sound of Svetovoy Bank, the secret varity of Vidnov Ukraine's finances currently reached 486 billion dollars. According to experts, the direct impact of the war will be as much as 152 billion dollars.

Confiscation of assets of the Russian Federation

Recently, after the European Union was able to obtain a constant supply of frozen Russian assets to help Ukraine. It was also reported that diplomats allowed their decisions to transfer income from assets of the Russian Federation to the Russian Federation.

The head of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba noted that the EU still praise the decision to save Russian assets 202 4 roku.

12 years ago, the European Union created an important deadline that would allow it to transfer profits from Russian frozen assets to Ukraine. The Rada of the EU, for the time being, decided that the central depositories of valuable papers, which hold the assets of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the amount of over 1 million euros, may invest the excessive surpluses of pennies that have accumulated as a result of interim visits in the EU, in addition, they can also save their daily income. In addition, it is protected from disposing of the withdrawn net profit.

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