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Ukraine can replace Russian metal products if the EU is likely to impose sanctions, – expert

The 12th package of EU sanctions extended the same quotas for Russian slabs for several years . It is important to explain that it will take more than an hour to develop mechanisms for substituting Russian products on the European market.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with a letter to the head of the Metallurgy Federation in Ukraine Serhiy Bilenky.

“Ukraine could satisfy Europeans in most respects in metallurgy. To do this, you just need to sit down and talk with representatives of Ukraine, what types of products they are ready to replace, and what kind of thermal Without any doubt, this product will find its partner, our enterprises There is no rush to increase production or master any new types of products – we have no financial ability to develop those that we will not be able to buy. And in dialogue we can soon find a solution. What is missing – Russia does not produce folding tabletops like Ukraine “I couldn’t replace it,” explained Bilenky.

Vin underlined: Russia recognizes the prevalence of unity in the European community, and allows itself to behave dishonestly, including on metal Urgy market. Therefore, it is necessary to put pressure on the aggressor.

“The substitution of Russian products would be an effective long-term support, which would allow us to restore production and employment, and also increase the payment of taxes to the Ukrainian budget, which could be financed These are such important speeches as agricultural forces and social programs. “I hope for consistent, long-term support from international partners. From their point of view, it would be richer and more meaningful to give us the opportunity to finance our own needs,” summed up Bilenky.

< p>Guess what, the 12th package of EU sanctions puts a barrier on the import of Russian chavunu and DRI, however, this fence requires only 2 rocks. Recently, the quotas on Russian slabs were extended for a number of years.

The previous sanctions on the import of slabs were introduced in the past year, within the framework of the 8th package of sanctions: then the decision was praised that you can stop until the end In the spring of 2024, the quotas will be set, and from the 1st of 2024, imports may stop.

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