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“Ukrenergo” and Harpok are tied to the end, and they are not aware of the borgs before the “green” generation, – lawyer

The holding company “Ukrenergo” and “Guaranteed Buyer” are struggling for a difficult time due to the fact that they are under foreign trade. before enterprises” green” generation and the final term when signing the relevant documentation merges at the end of the flow process.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with messages to the energy law committee National Association of Lawyers Oleksandr Trokhimets.

In his words, the problem of imbalances and unsigned assets between Harpok and Ukrenergo will begin in the spring of 2022.

“The truth is that the Verkhovna Rada praised Law No. 3220, which determined the order of regulation of imbalances that accumulated reoccurring fates, did not dot the “i” – even without signing the documents,” Trokhimet said.

< p>“Ukrenergo and Garpok may sign them until the end of the day,” said the lawyer.

In this case, we believe that representatives of Galuzia may even unanimously converge in the Duma, that the non-signing of assets is a mechanism that allows there are holding companies do not face the borgu in front of the galuzzu VDE.

“It’s just a matter of time, if this problem is to gain the respect of international donors. In fact, since the spring of 2022, there have been such attempts to blackmail the distributors from VDE, for the reason that Ukrenergo and Harpok cleverly do not sign documents between themselves “, the lawyer explained.

At the same time, I called on this problem to gain the respect of the National Commission for Energy and Utilities, the government, as well as the Ministry of Energy.

“Especially on a special working group on the topic of government problems, I which is just what they mean mainly state-owned companies and structures,” said Trokhimets.

Guess what, the underpayment of the Guaranteed Purchase to green energy enterprises for 2023 is 25%, for 2022 – perhaps 45%.

Participants The market and experts indicate that the obvious old borgs will negatively flow into the Galusian camp, WHERE and increase the interest of investors until they look for and make money on the development of the Galuzian.

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