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Daytime attack on Sumy region: the regional administration reported the consequences of a combined strike by the Russian Federation

ByJohn Newman

Jan 7, 2024

Earlier, the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces issued a warning to residents of the Sumy region regarding the high threat of Putin’s army using kamikaze drones, but in addition to UAVs, the invaders also launched missiles.

Daytime attack on the  bsp; Sumy region : the regional administration reported on the consequences of the combined strike of the Russian Federation

Photo – facebook.com/sumska.oda

About the The Russian invading army carried out a missile and air attack on the city of Krolevets in this region, and information regarding possible casualties is still being clarified, NBN writes, citing information published on the Facebook account of the Sumy Regional Military Administration.

According to the Sumy OVA, on Sunday, January 7, the enemies launched a combined missile and air strike on the city of Krolevets in the Konotop region, sending 1 missile and 2 attack drones at the peaceful Ukrainian city “Geran2-Shahed”. Also, in accordance with preliminary information, damage was recorded at 23 private households.

The OVA added that emergency rescue measures have begun at the scene of the incidents, and people will be provided with all necessary medical care .

Earlier, our news portal wrote that today, January 7, the “second army of the world” covered Kherson with heavy fire—there were dead and wounded.


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