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Hungary may be deprived of voting rights in the EU: the media learned how the European Parliament intends to punish Orban

ByJohn Newman

Jan 18, 2024

Representatives of the European Parliament approved a document providing for the introduction of punishment for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for undermining the foundations of democracy, but this is not all the news.

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 Hungary may be deprived of the right to vote in the EU: the media learned how the European Parliament intends to punish Orban

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About  that with this resolution of the European Parliament, the European bloc has taken the first step towards blocking Hungary’s voice in decision-making in the European Council, writes NBN, citing Reuters material.

As it became known, 345 of the 449 members of the European Parliament voted for the above-described resolution, thereby condemning the “deliberate, constant and systematic efforts” of the Hungarian authorities to ignore the fundamental values ​​of the EU. In addition, the resolution criticizes Orban’s position regarding the imposition of a ban on the allocation of the next package of financial assistance to Kiev at a time when Ukraine is resisting a full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation.

Also, the resolution calls for moving to the next stage of the procedure for preserving the rule of law. and legal order, allowing, ultimately, to suspend Hungary's voting rights in the EU in accordance with Art. 7th general provisions of the “Treaty on the European Union”, despite the length and complexity of the process.

However, this call by MEPs is not fully legally binding, but it increases political pressure on Orban on the eve of the February summit leaders of the EU, at which they will once again try to agree on financial support for Ukraine.

We previously wrote about why Orban’s representative doubted that the European Union and Hungary would agree on €50 billion for Ukraine.


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