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Ignat explained why Ukrainian air defense cannot eliminate Shaheds before approaching the country’s cities

ByJohn Newman

Jan 20, 2024

On the night of this day off, January 20, Putin’s army once again carried out an attack on our country, launching 7 attack drones of the “Geran-2-Shahed-136/131” type, 4 of which were “landed” by air defense forces and means, and now it has become known why the enemies manage to bypass the countermeasures of the Ukrainian army.

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Photo – unian.net

NBN writes about how Ukrainian air defense operates, as well as how enemy kamikaze drones manage to “infiltrate” the territory of our state and not “land” immediately after crossing the borders, referring to the information announced Speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Colonel Yuri Ignat on the YouTube channel “Focus”.

According to Ignat, almost all attack UAVs follow routes laid out in advance by Russian operators, in particular, hiding in the folds of the terrain, while such paths are regularly adjusted. In addition, it should be taken into account that the Ukrainian borders have a length of 2 500 kilometers, and Gerani2-Shaheds can penetrate from any point in the airspace, choosing routes that do not allow them to be intercepted in a timely manner.

However, due to the fact that the mobile fire groups are armed with heavy machine guns, anti-aircraft guns and MANPADS, the dominant part of the “leaked” enemy targets can be eliminated.

The Air Force Speaker added that dispersing air defense systems by placing them further away from cities is not actually possible, since in this situation the zone effectively covering the radius of destruction of targets increases.

Ignat emphasized:

We need to protect not the field, but the people in cities with a population of over a million, where the main objects that the enemy wants to destroy are concentrated.

Earlier, we wrote about that the Air Forces reported which facilities in Ukraine are covered with “hybrid” air defense systems.


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