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It has become known why the Russians used the Mongoose boat, which was destroyed at night in Crimea.

ByJohn Newman

May 6, 2024

The media report that on the night of May 6, a special unit of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Moscow Defense Ministry, using a naval drone, “removed” the Mongoose boat, which the Russian Armed Forces probably used to transport saboteurs into Ukrainian-controlled territory.

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It has become known why the Russians used the Mongoose boat destroyed at night in Crimea

Photo – ria.ru

Dumskaya publication reported that the speed boat “Mongoose” destroyed by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense off the coast of Crimea that night, the Russian invaders probably used it for special operations, in particular for landing saboteurs on territory controlled by Ukraine, NBN reports.

Budanov noted that the invaders could also use a boat liquidated by intelligence to patrol the water area, combating saboteurs, as well as search and rescue operations. On board the Russian Navy vessel there are two automatic grenade launchers AGS-17, a hand-held anti-sabotage grenade launcher DP-64 and two man-portable anti-aircraft missile systems of the Igla or Verba type.

The GUR MOU added that the estimated cost of the boat “Mongoose” of Putin's army is about 3 million dollars.

Earlier, intelligence published footage of the destruction of the invaders' speed boat in Crimea, revealing the details of the operation.


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