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Only the “one-man show” mode – a political strategist explained why Putin never participates in election debates

ByJohn Newman

Jan 30, 2024

Israeli political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman commented on the statement of the representative of the Russian Presidential Administration Dmitry Peskov that Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin will not participate in the election debates. The expert explained why the head of Russia has always ignored such events.

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Putin has never participated and will not participate in pre-election debates. Sheitelman explains this position of the dictator by the fact that he is afraid to answer uncomfortable questions, for example, about the daily attacks of Ukrainian UAVs on oil refineries in the Russian Federation.

NBN reports about this with reference to Channel 24.

According to the expert, the aggressor president has no desire to discuss uncomfortable topics, in addition, he has no experience in conducting political debates, so he would lose to any opponent.

The political strategist noted that Putin also cannot perform on the same level as other candidates. The head of the Kremlin in Russia is a “deity” who cannot speak with “mere mortals.” Sheitelman emphasized that the dictator exists exclusively in a “one-man show” mode, when no one can interrupt his “great” speech.

Recall that British intelligence spoke about the main task of the aggressor president in the Russian Federation on the eve of the elections in March.


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